Rising Career Opportunities in Singapore: In-Demand Industries for 2023

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According to LinkedIn, Singapore is experiencing a growing demand for jobs that assist companies in digitizing and expanding during economic volatility. The latest data from LinkedIn’s Jobs on the Rise highlights a significant increase in hiring for growth specialists, technical positions, and healthcare professionals in Asia, indicating that these jobs are expected to continue growing throughout 2023.

It’s important to note that employers and clients have diverse needs, which can influence the demand for different types of jobs. Occupations in high demand offer excellent potential for career growth, better income, and job security compared to less popular jobs. Therefore, staying informed about these in-demand jobs can help you effectively plan your career and develop the necessary skill set to succeed in your desired field.


Despite the challenging macroeconomic conditions that led to waves of tech layoffs in Southeast Asia last year, such as those experienced by GoTo Group in Indonesia, Sea Group and Carousell in Singapore, the demand for tech workers remains strong. Experts predict that this year will serve as a transitional period for the tech industry, with a potential return to more normal hiring levels. Anchal Chhabria, a representative from LinkedIn, remains optimistic and states that the overall demand for tech workers remains robust, with individuals transitioning to new positions both within and across the industry.

User Experience (UX) Designer

National average salary: $5,194 per month

Primary duties: UX designers focus on improving the usability of systems, which may involve enhancing aesthetics and website navigation. They work in collaboration with UI designers to develop digital products that fulfill user needs while providing a pleasant and engaging experience.


National average salary: $2,569 per month

Primary duties: Customer service representatives play a crucial role in building and maintaining positive customer relationships. They achieve this by answering inquiries and providing guidance on various aspects of a company’s products or services. Many organizations prioritize hiring customer service representatives as they typically serve as the initial point of contact between the business and the customer. Responsibilities may include generating sales leads, answering phone calls, maintaining records of customer interactions, and adhering to communication guidelines and policies.


National average salary: $3,083 per month

Primary duties: Human resources specialists are experts in managing the human resources functions of a company. They may be responsible for maintaining employee records for performance reviews and can recruit, train, and provide support to employees.

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National average salary: $3,720 per month

Primary duties: Copywriters are skilled writing professionals who create content for various purposes, such as marketing or educational materials. They collaborate with marketing and public relations departments to develop effective marketing materials, and they meet with clients to understand and convey their brand voice and message to the target audience.


National average salary: $7,406 per month

Primary duties: Data scientists possess expertise in statistical programming and analytical skills to collect, analyze, and interpret large datasets. They utilize various data visualization techniques to present information and offer suggestions or develop solutions based on data analysis.

By keeping yourself informed about these in-demand industries and their associated jobs, you can strategically plan your career path and cultivate the necessary skills to excel in your chosen field.

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