My Melody LED EZ-Link Charm that lights up with each tap is now available for $16.90

Sanrio fans, check this out: My Melody LED EZ-Link Charm — a delightful fusion of functionality and charm that’s set to brighten up your daily adventures.

Available from December 20, 2023, for a modest $16.90, this compact gadget promises more than just an adorable exterior. With each tap, it illuminates, serving not only as a beacon of cheer but also as a handy tool for EZ-Link users. The blend of convenience and style in this tiny package makes it a must-have for those navigating the fast-paced urban landscape.


Available now at Challenger for $16.90 each (no load value).
Remember to perform a top up at a Self-Service Top-Up Machine to activate your charm before pairing it with the EZ-Link app.

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