‘Seoul Festa 2024’ to kick off on 1 May with various cultural events and programs

Seoul Festa 2024

Heard about ‘Seoul Festa’ but missed it last year?

No worries as Seoul Festa 2024 is coming right up!

Seoul City is putting on this festival to let travelers like yourself experience all the cool things Seoul has to offer—the food, culture, art, scenery; you name it, they have it.

They want locals and people from around the world to come check it out and it’s going to be centered in two areas—Seoul Plaza and Gwanghwamun Square.

On the first night, 1 May, there will be an opening party at Seoul Plaza from 7.30 to 9 pm with live K-pop and group performances.

After that, Seoul Plaza will transform into different “party zones” with activities like tea and coffee tastings, dance challenges with influencers, and performances inspired by Korean drama soundtracks on 2 and 3 May.

Meanwhile, Gwanghwamun Square will host all sorts of events and you can participate in programs there too.

They’re also setting up these “Seoul Style Road” areas with six zones focused on Korean culture, fashion, food, and more.

You can try traditional games, shop for souvenirs, get beauty treatments, and chow down on tons of Korean snacks and dishes.

They will have chef demonstrations and influencer cooking too.

On 4 May, the festival moves to Sejong-daero for the Seoul Road Show.

They will turn the street into a stage for performances and you can join in painting and other collaborative activities.

And out in Noeul Park from 4 to 5 May, there will be a picnic zone for Korean BBQ.

You can grill meat yourself after reserving a time slot via the Seoul Festa website and savor dishes made by famous chefs while shopping for local goods at the on-site marketplace.

The park is set to buzz alive with culinary and entertainment options, including an exclusive gourmet talk show scheduled for 4 May, alongside a sunset concert and street performances set for both 4 and 5 May.

Seoul Festa 2024 is a city-wide celebration with a packed schedule of 18 events spanning both public and private sectors.

The celebration will also include:

  • Myeongdong Festival, which kicks off on Thursday and runs until 6 May
  • A drone light show over the Han River starting Friday through to 6 May
  • Seoul Circus Festival from 4 to 5 May
  • K-Royal Culture Festival, which begins Friday and concludes on 5 May

The Seoul city government has set its sights on establishing the capital as a must-visit destination by curating several experiences for Seoul Festa 2024, ensuring visitors like yourself are eager to come back for more.

For a comprehensive guide to the programs and events at each key venue during Seoul Festa 2024, be sure to visit seoulfesta.com and their official Instagram account @seoulfesta_official.

Enjoy the fun fiesta if you’re in Seoul from 1 to 6 May!

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