The dos and don’ts of small team management

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As a new entrepreneur, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. After all, there are a lot of new things to learn, and managing a small team is one of them.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help! In this post, we will share with you the basics of small team management. First, we will talk about the dos. Then, we will mention a few things you should avoid if you want to be an effective small team manager.

Give clear instructions

Don’t expect your team members to read your mind—they need specific instructions to do their job properly. Be sure to take the time to explain what you want them to do, and be as specific as possible. When you take the time to give clear instructions, your team will be able to hit the ground running and meet your expectations more quickly.

Build a positive team culture

When you’re first starting, it can be tempting to just hire whoever you can find and call it a day. But don’t do that! You need to take the time to build a positive team culture–creating an environment where your team feels supported and appreciated.

Some ways to do this include holding team-building activities, setting clear goals and expectations, and providing regular feedback. When your team feels valued, they’re going to be more motivated to do their best work.

Do give feedback and recognize achievements
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When it comes to giving feedback, always try to be constructive. Let your team member know what they did well and offer suggestions on how they could improve. And don’t forget to recognize their achievements! A little recognition can go a long way in motivating team members and keeping them focused on their goals.

Don’t micromanage

Micromanaging can be frustrating for your employees and will only slow down the work process. Trust them to do their job and give them the freedom to work without constantly looking over their shoulder.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be checking in on their progress from time to time, but make sure you’re giving them the space they need to work effectively. And if there are any problems, address them directly rather than eyeing your team’s every move.

Don’t try to do everything yourself

Trying to do everything yourself is a big mistake, and it’s one that a lot of new entrepreneurs make. When you’re wearing all of the hats, it’s tough to be effective in any of them. You need to be able to delegate tasks and trust your team members to get the job done.

But don’t just delegate tasks blindly. Make sure you’re giving your team members the appropriate level of authority and providing them with all the information they need to succeed. And be sure to check in periodically to make sure things are running smoothly.

When it comes to managing a small team, there are certain things you should and shouldn’t do as we’ve mentioned in this post. As a bonus tip before we close, be patient and understanding with your team members. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, so it’s good to be forgiving. Wishing you all the best in creating a successful small team that is productive and effective in bringing your business to greater heights!

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