New Hello Kitty Daruma SimplyGo EZ-Link Charm Now Available on Shopee for $26.90

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Calling all Hello Kitty fans and commuters alike! EZ-Link has just released the adorable new Hello Kitty Daruma SimplyGo EZ-Link charm, and it’s available for only $26.90 on Shopee. This charm does not come with any load value, but it’s the perfect blend of functionality and cuteness for your daily commutes.

How to Get Your Hello Kitty Daruma SimplyGo EZ-Link Charm

Ready to make your commutes more delightful? Head over to Shopee and get your charm today. It’s simple, just follow this link: Hello Kitty Daruma SimplyGo EZ-Link Charm.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to add a touch of cuteness to your travels. Fill your commutes with charm and convenience – buy yours today on Shopee!


Star Wars Darth Vader SimplyGo EZ-Link charm is now available progressively for $29.90

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Star Wars fans and daily commuters alike, get ready to elevate your travel experience with a touch of the Dark Side! The new Star Wars Darth Vader SimplyGo EZ-Link charm is here, bringing a galactic twist to your everyday journeys. Available progressively at all EZ-Link vending machines in shopping malls, this iconic charm can be yours for just $29.90 each (no top-up value).

How to Get Yours

  1. Visit EZ-Link Vending Machines: Head to any shopping mall with EZ-Link vending machines to grab your Darth Vader charm.
  2. Perform a Top-Up: Before pairing your charm with the SimplyGo app, make sure to perform a top-up at a Self-Service Top-Up Machine.
  3. Activate and Pair: Activate your charm and pair it with the SimplyGo app to unlock its full potential.

Learn more about SimplyGo EZ-Link’s amazing benefits and how it can simplify your commute by visiting SimplyGo EZ-Link.


Gudetama Astrology EZ-Link Cards now available on Shopee

Are you a fan of Gudetama, the lovable lazy egg, and a believer in the power of the stars? If so, we have exciting news for you! Introducing the all-new Gudetama Astrology EZ-Link Cards, now available on Shopee for just $10 each (no top-up value).

These adorable cards are a must-have for collectors and fans alike!

Click here to buy now.

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Singtel Prepaid is giving away FREE 5G phones so that you can watch ‘Queen of Tears’ with lightning-fast data speeds on their 5G network

Get a FREE 5G Phone and stream with Unmatched Speed and Clarity

Singtel is excited to unveil the all-new Singtel Prepaid Rewards to thank all their Singtel prepaid users. Every month, over $600,000 in rewards are ready to be won in their Spin to Win draw. These include a Nintendo Switch Lite, NTUC FairPrice vouchers, treats from Polar Puffs & Cakes, free data, and the grand prize of a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 256GB (Grey) valued at $1,928!

How to Join the Fun


Every Singtel Prepaid customer will receives two free spins on the hi!App. If you do not have the app yet, you can simply download or update it to the latest version 4.3.0, click on ‘Rewards’, and start spinning! Additionally, every time you top up with their Ultimate Plan or any Monthly Plan, you earn more chances to spin the wheel!

Why Singtel Prepaid?

  1. No Contracts, Pure Freedom:Enjoy the flexibility of no long-term commitments and no hidden fees.
  2. Comprehensive Bundles:Get everything you need — data, roaming, local and IDD calls — in one convenient package.
  3. Generous Roaming Data:Travel with up to 40GB of roaming data on their 5G Ultimate Plans.
  4. Unlimited 5G Data:Stream, surf, and download endlessly with their $35/$40 Ultimate Plans.
  5. Auto Top-Up:Set up once through hi!App and never worry about running out of credits.

The Power of Singtel 5G

Experience the unparalleled power of Singtel 5G, offering nation-wide coverage that lets you enjoy lightning-fast speeds up to 10 times faster than before. Download 4K movies and shows in just seconds and stream Netflix’s latest sensation, ‘Queen of Tears,’ along with other HD content seamlessly—without any buffering. Their expansive and reliable service ensures uninterrupted streaming, even in over 400 buildings and underground locations. Plus, enjoy safer online shopping and banking thanks to their top-tier security!

What Plans are available?

Whether you’re a light user or someone who need extensive data and calling options, Singtel has the perfect plan for you.

  • $15 Ultimate Plan:  Ideal for everyday use, this plan gives you 15GB of data, 500 minutes of local calls, and 100 SMS. Plus, you also get free incoming calls and data rollover feature.
  • 5G $35 Ultimate Plan: Step into the fast lane with unlimited^ 5G data, perfect for heavy streaming and downloading. This plan also includes 20GB of data roaming, 1000 minutes of IDD calling, and 1000 local minutes plus 500 SMS, making it great for travelers and international callers.
  • 5G $40 Ultimate Plan: For the ultimate mobile experience, this plan offers unlimited^ 5G data, an impressive 40GB of data roaming, and up to 2000 IDD minutes. You’ll also enjoy unlimited* local calls and SMS, ensuring you’re always connected, no matter where you are.

^Unlimited data for 5G $35/5G $40 Ultimate Monthly Plan refers to 300GB/600GB of 5G data respectively.

*Unlimited local calls/SMS refers to 3,000 local mins and 5,000 local SMS for 30 days.

Enjoy the convenience of automatic renewals every 30 days with Singtel’s Monthly Ultimate Plans via the hi!App. These auto-recurring plans are designed to offer uninterrupted, top-tier mobile services, ensuring you never miss out on important moments.

Select from a range of options to suit your needs: the basic $15 Ultimate Plan, the advanced 5G $35 or $40 Ultimate Plans — or the specially designed $19.90 YAY Plan, the “just right” plan that combines the best features of all their offerings, with 50GB of 5G data, up to 1000 IDD minutes, 2500 local minutes, and 300 SMS.

Ready to Jump In?

For New Customers:

Grab a new $8 or $15 SIM at any Singtel Shop, 7-Eleven, or participating prepaid retailers and you’re already on your way to possibly winning a 5G phone.

For Existing Customers:

Continue to top up your plan via the hi!App, Singtel shops, or any 7-Eleven. Don’t forget to claim your two free spins through the hi!App under ‘Rewards’.

For more details on how you can win big, visit

Join Singtel today and elevate your viewing experience of “Queen of Tears” on Netflix and beyond with Singapore’s most powerful 5G network. Don’t just watch—immerse yourself in every emotion, every tear, every triumph!


Sony’s wearable air conditioner device, the REON Pocket 5, is set to launch in Singapore in May 2024

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Sony Thermo Technology Inc. is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest innovation, the REON Pocket 5, in Singapore from May 2024. (Pre-order at $249 here. Apply code ‘MySonyLovesREON’ for $20 off*)

As the newest addition to the highly successful REON Pocket series, this fifth-generation wearable thermo-device is set to redefine personal climate control.

Revolutionary Comfort Right at Your Neck

The REON Pocket 5 is ingeniously designed to be worn at the back of the neck, providing direct cooling or warming to the body. This strategic placement allows for immediate temperature regulation, enhancing comfort in any setting.

Advanced Cooling Technology

The REON Pocket 5 introduces an upgraded thermo-module and a newly designed heat dissipation fan, enhancing airflow and cooling efficiency. This new model delivers up to 1.5 times better cooling performance than its predecessors and can operate at full efficiency for approximately 7.5 hours at COOL Level 4, making it perfect for extended use.

Quieter Operation

Significantly quieter, the REON Pocket 5 reduces noise by up to 80%, ensuring it can be used discretely even in quiet business environments.

Smart Temperature Adjustment

Featuring the innovative “SMART COOL ⇔ WARM MODE,” the device intuitively adjusts between cooling and warming based on ambient temperatures, ensuring optimal comfort automatically. The REON Pocket 5 also includes a REON Pocket TAG equipped with advanced software that detects direct sunlight and adjusts the temperature 33% faster than earlier models.

Dual Style Compatibility

With two types of air vent covers, the REON Pocket 5 is suitable for both business and casual attire. Whether you’re dressing for a formal meeting or a relaxed weekend outing, this device adjusts to your style without compromising performance.


The REON Pocket 5 is available in Singapore from May 2024, with subsequent availability in Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Embrace the future of personal comfort and climate control with Sony’s REON Pocket 5, where advanced technology meets everyday convenience.

Click here to pre-order now.