Influencer as a Career in Singapore: Is It Feasible?

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The digital revolution has not only transformed how we communicate but also opened up new career avenues that were unimaginable a few decades ago. TikTok personality, Instagram influencer, YouTube content creator – these are occupations that just a few years ago would not have been considered real jobs. But not anymore! From setting up online shops to crafting personal brands, people of all ages in Singapore have found ways to monetize their social media presence and create income opportunities.

One such controversial career path is that of a social media influencer. In Singapore, a country renowned for its technological advancement and high internet penetration, becoming an influencer has emerged as a viable and attractive career option for many.

Why Are Influencer Careers Appealing?

Several factors make the influencer career particularly appealing in Singapore:


One of the primary attractions of an influencer career is the flexibility it offers. Influencers can set their own schedules, choose their collaborations, and create content that resonates with their personal brand. This autonomy is appealing for those who prefer not to adhere to the conventional 9-to-5 work structure.


There are various ways influencers can earn money, including sponsored posts, brand partnerships, affiliate marketing, and selling their own products. In Singapore, brands are increasingly investing in influencer marketing as an effective way to reach targeted audiences. For instance, according to Shopify, Instagram micro-influencers (10,000–50,000 followers) earn SGD 135 to SGD 675 per post, while mega-influencers (500,000+ followers) earn approximately SGD 13,500 or more per post.


For many, becoming an influencer provides an opportunity for creative expression. Whether it’s through photography, videography, writing, or graphic design, influencers can showcase their talents and connect with their audience on a creative level. This aspect of the job can be immensely fulfilling and can lead to both personal and professional growth.

What Are the Challenges in the Influencer Industry?

Despite the allure, the influencer career comes with its own set of challenges:


Maintaining a successful influencer career requires constant content creation. This involves a significant investment of time and effort in planning, producing, and editing content, as well as engaging with followers. The pressure to consistently deliver high-quality content can be daunting. This is why many creators quit or take a break.


The influencer market in Singapore is highly competitive and increasingly saturated. Standing out and building a loyal following requires unique content, a distinct voice, and a strong value proposition. New influencers may find it challenging to gain traction in a crowded space.


Unlike traditional jobs with steady paychecks, influencer income can be unpredictable. Earnings often depend on factors like follower count, engagement rates, and the ability to secure brand deals. This variability can make financial planning difficult and requires influencers to have multiple income streams.

Tips for Aspiring Influencers

For those considering an influencer career in Singapore, here are some tips to help navigate the journey:

1. Identify Your Niche
2. Be Authentic
3. Engage with Your Audience
4. Invest in Quality Equipment and Skills
5. Network and Collaborate


The influencer career in Singapore is a promising path for those willing to invest the time and effort required to build a strong online presence. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, influencers will play an increasingly important role in shaping consumer behavior and trends. Aspiring influencers should focus on authenticity, audience engagement, and continuous improvement to thrive in this dynamic field.

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