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Local brand Naiise owes some vendors up to S$10,000, closes its last Singapore physical store today (11 April)

Naiise's Jewel closure

If you’ve been a Singapore resident for some time now or all your life, chances are that you must have heard of Naiise. Naiise is a homegrown creative marketplace for creatives and makers to connect with their customers through the platform’s online and offline initiatives. But things aren’t looking good for the brand, apparently. News has it that the brand has owed its vendors thousands of dollars. According to its founder, Dennis Tay, the company is struggling with the payouts


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Do these things if you want a work promotion soon

colleagues looking at a laptop

Peeps who’ve been with the same company for some time now, it’s normal to be thinking of a pay increase or title raise. Well, who wouldn’t want some extra cash in the bank each month for savings or investments? We could all do with a bit of perk-me-up via a position raise from “executive” to “manager”, right? But if you’ve been working for a decade or longer, you would know that a career advancement doesn’t come that easily. Do these


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3 Trendiest Spots To Explore In Singapore

Travelling outside Singapore may be restricted for the time being, but it does not mean that you will stop discovering new places. Just look at the places found this list! #1: TROPICAL MONTANE ORCHIDETUM AT SINGAPORE BOTANIC GARDENS Feast your eyes with nature’s beauty as you stroll in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. When you arrive, do not forget to visit the recently opened Tropical Montane Orchidetum. This Orchidetum spans around 2,480sqm and features the largest collection of high-elevation montane orchids


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Try these strategies to counter anxiety

a woman with anxiety

The words “anxiety” and “panic” are often used interchangeably, especially among laymen. Though both terms have similarities, they are two different conditions according to medical professionals. But that’s not the ultimate aim of this article, though it’s vital that we know the differences between them. Anxiety usually arises as a result of worry, stress, or an influence that causes both. On the other hand, panic attacks do not happen because of such triggers and may just come by “out of


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6 ways to approach someone who has lost a baby

a depressed woman sitting on the bed

Long-awaited pregnancies can bring immense joy to expecting parents. But when one faces a miscarriage, the feelings of loss can be tough to cope with. Whether it’s a loss at three months or a miscarriage at six months, it’s indeed an incident to grief over. It can be even more challenging as a bystander if one does not know how to approach the situation. If you have a friend or a close relative going through such an unfortunate situation recently,