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Here’s how to manage the parenting load with your spouse

an Asian family with young children

Marriage in itself is already a big challenge for many people out there. Add on a child or two, or more, and your entire paradigm will shift. While some marriages change for the better with a new addition to the family, most couples find themselves with more arguments and disagreements to manage. The parenting load can be overwhelming if the balance is off. Teamwork is what you need in this child care journey, and we’re here to let you in


Credit & Loan, Personal Finance

Don’t do these things during a recession

cosigning a loan

According to a senior economist from DBS bank, Singapore is very likely out of a full-fledged recession. To be exact, a recent news report in April this year revealed that our economy grew by 0.2% in the first quarter. While it’s good news, it might be too early to rejoice over the numbers. Economists noted that the trend does not necessarily mean that the economy is doing well. But it’s on its baby steps to pre-pandemic levels. Since COVID-19 has


Are you a Singapore Citizen aged 12 to 39 years old? You can now register for Covid-19 vaccination

The COVID-19 vaccination programme is being progressively rolled out to all Singaporeans and long-term residents. The Ministry of Health announced that they have extended the vaccination programme to Singapore citizens aged 12 to 39 years old. For individuals who have had an earlier Covid-19 infection from over six months ago are also recommended to receive a single dose of vaccine to boost their immunity against reinfection. Those who fall in the above groups can register for Covid-19 vaccination from 11 June


Personal Finance

How To Manage Your Money In Your 30s

As you enter your thirties, your focus is geared towards saving money and meeting your financial obligations. This is the time to figure out the future you want to have to lay its groundwork. On that note, let this article give you an idea on some of the financial goals that you need to set when you are in your 30s. #1: REVISIT YOUR BUDGET Are you still following the same budget you set in your 20s? If so, it


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10-Year Singapore Passport Validity To Take Effect For Citizens Aged 16 & Above

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) announced that the Singapore Passport validity will be increased to 10 years, as compared to the current validity of 5 years. This will come into effect for applications submitted on or after October 2021. The longer validity period applies to Singapore citizens aged 16 and above. If you qualify for this, please submit your application on or after October 1, 2021. Despite the increased validity period, the passport application fee in Singapore remains the