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Jelly shoes from $16.25 to counter rainy weather

Jelly shoes

So you’re all dressed up for tea time with bae, and as you’re ready to step out, it starts to drizzle. The drizzle turns to rain, and then it begins to pour cats and dogs. Before you realize it, your shoes are soaked. Sounds all too familiar? Welcome to unpredictable weather on our sunny island. What an irony. Anyway, we read in the news that rainfall would be expected in the first half of August and selected regions will be


Personal Finance

How to Maintain a Great Relationship with Money

Establishing a healthy relationship with money takes effort, but it pays off. You must manage the highs and lows, and everything in between. #1: PUT IN EFFORT FOR IT TO FLOURISH Much like any other relationship, you have to put in effort to your finances for it to grow. A positive mindset and the right attitude towards money can help strengthen your relationship. Plant the seeds of appreciation and contentment for what you already have. Perhaps, you are grateful for


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4 Types of Wearable Technology & Where to Buy Them

From the widespread trend of smartwatches to the innovative smart rings, we are amid a wearable technology revolution. Watches, rings, fitness bands, and head-mounted displays can track your distance, send messages, control your camera, answer calls, and immerse you in the virtual world. In this article, you will get a bird’s-eye view of the top wearable technology trends in 2022. #1: SMARTWATCHES It is hard to miss an advertisement tailored to highlight the capabilities of smartwatches. These are one of


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What you can do to support a loved one who has been cheated on

comforting a loved one

So your loved one has been cheated on by their spouse. What do you do? First and foremost, don’t ignore them. This is a time when they need your support more than ever. Offer to listen to them, let them cry on your shoulder, or give them the space they need. Never judge them. They are already dealing with a lot of pain, so don’t make things worse by making them feel like they did something wrong. Let them know


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How to job hunt when you’re feeling burnt out

stressed woman in front of her laptop

When you’re feeling burnt out, it’s tough to think straight. You might feel like you can’t do anything right and giving up seems like the only option. But it’s important to remember that this is just a phase. You will get through it. Read on for tips on how to job hunt when you’re feeling at your worst. Define your goals Take some time to define your goals. What do you want from your next job? What are your priorities?