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‘eBikes’ Google search spikes as food delivery riders search for alternatives

LTA has announced that from Nov 5, 2019, e-scooters have been banned from footpaths. You can only use them on park connectors and bicycle lanes. The ban has hit food delivery riders hard especially when they use PMD to earn a living. Under the new rule, e-scooters are not allowed on footpaths. The ban will be progressively extended to other motorised PMDs by the first quarter of 2020. Bicycles, PMAs and non-motorised PMDs, such as manual kick-scooters, can be used on footpaths. From


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How To Save Money On Last-Minute Travels

It has been a while since my significant other and I traveled together. For the first time in a long time, we shall be booking an overseas trip at the last-minute. With two weeks to spare, we need to find ways to stretch our dollar. Conventional wisdom states that you must book months in advance to save money. Last minute purchases usually lead to expensive airline tickets and lodging arrangements. However, this is not always the case. #1: BE FLEXIBLE


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How To Sell Your Items Beyond Facebook

Put your entrepreneur shades on and climb into a new terrain – the online business. It can be difficult to navigate, but every new venture presents its own challenges and opportunities. #1: IDENTIFYING YOUR TARGET MARKET When your product or service is solidified, research on the target market you aspire to tap. Identifying your target market and competition can help you decide the branding, pricing, and marketing strategies. Your website’s design must be attractive to your potential clients. For instance,


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Financial Benefits Of Having A Second Job

For the longest time, moonlighting was seen as a means to take on extra work in order to supplement one’s full-time employment. It was exclusively for underpaid employees or those who are severely strapped for cash. Nowadays, moonlighting and having a second job are seen as acceptable means to expand one’s income without the weight of stereotypes. Having a second job does not only expand your wallet, but also maximize your skills and talents. Many employers are open to the