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You can now send money to Thailand instantly via PayNow

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The pandemic has seen a fluctuating curve in terms of recovery, and no one knows exactly when we can cross borders to visit our loved ones overseas. Financially, it can be worrying too. Thanks to Singapore’s PayNow and Thailand’s PromptPay partnership, users can now transfer funds up to S$1,000 or THB25,000 daily across the two countries. All you need is just a mobile number. Real-time payment systems linkage The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Bank of Thailand (BOT)


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Things You Need to Know about Home Broadband

What is home broadband? Broadband is a high-speed communication system that allows you to enjoy all things that the online world offers. Home broadband, therefore, means the communication system whereby all computers in your home are linked to the internet. Home broadband provides you with a quick internal network around the house. How do I get home broadband? All you need to do to enjoy using home broadband is hire an ISP (an internet service provider) who will supply the


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6 Ways To Rekindle Your Love For Work

In these uncertain times, waking up and going to work is an achievement on its own. We have gone through a lot and we continue to adapt to our dynamic environment. Much like your personal life, your professional life is a work in progress. When you start a job, it is all new and exciting. Do not get me started with the honeymoon phase! As time passes by, the job that once seemed so flawless may lose its luster. You


[NEW IN] Stay home with these 27 Mother's Day takeaway & delivery deals

With the new social gathering regulations announced yesterday, consumers’ plans for Mother’s Day will need a little reshuffling. Whilst the nation beefs up efforts to contain the spread, let us do our part by staying home for a celebration this Mother’s Day. Many food and beverage outlets are offering time-limited promotions for the Mother’s Day Weekend, including attractive takeaway and delivery options. Families may enjoy their preferred choice of cuisine including Chinese, Western & Japanese in exclusive party-packs and bundle


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A simple guide to purchasing an engagement ring online

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Hey folks, good day. Have you read the news on tighter COVID-19 measures to come into effect from Saturday, 8 May? For those planning to get married, be aware that marriage solemnisation can still proceed with the 250-attendee cap. However, pre-event testing will be needed if there are more than 50 attendees. The same goes for wedding receptions. Indeed, this is the “new normal” and not at all a surprise. In fact, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong noted that the