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What you need to know about employee motivation in the workplace

happy colleagues at work

Employee motivation is a hot topic in the business world. Many companies struggle with low employee motivation, which can lead to decreased creativity and productivity, and higher rates of absenteeism and staff turnover. So, what is employee motivation? Quite simply, employee motivation is the desire to do something. It’s the urge to be productive, achieve a goal, and contribute to a company’s success. Employees who are motivated are more likely to be engaged, take pride in their work, and be


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What to do if your child cries before going to school

toddler crying

Many infants experience attachment issues at eight months, which make them cry and scream anytime their caregiver is absent. The ability to remember specific individuals when they aren’t around is a mental ability that goes hand in hand with this fear. In a sense, your infant starts picturing you in their head when you aren’t around, and they miss your warmth and affection. Additionally, young kids lack a sense of time duration, so they cannot tell if you will be


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Ways to overcome recurring nightmares

a woman frustrated after a nightmare

We all experience nightmares. However, there are moments when it feels so vivid, realistic, and terrifying that you can’t wait to get out of bed. We have dreams for a variety of causes. According to some interpretations, dreams represent the feelings we’ve felt throughout the day and could also be a sign of trauma. If you’ve been through a terrible situation, you’re likely to suffer nightmares shortly afterward. This could be our brain’s attempt to absorb and give meaning to


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How to write a proper resignation letter

resignation letter

Writing a letter of resignation is just one more barrier to overcome before moving on to the next stage of your vocation journey. But, before you become too excited to call it quits, it’s critical to keep a professional demeanor. The goal is to maintain a polite approach. Make sure your resignation letter isn’t a lengthy list of complaints. You may end up working for the company again in the future, or you might run into your direct supervisor in