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How To Showcase Your Achievements Without Being A Jerk

In an effort to avoid sounding like a braggart, many people become overly modest. Keeping mum about your success and minimizing your achievements can be a problem too. You worked so hard to accomplish your book, brand, and so on. Perhaps, you just had a promotion that you do not want to tell anyone. Consequently, they miss out on celebrating an important milestone alongside you. There are other ways to showcase your achievements without coming off as a jerk. Consider



Possible reasons for tooth pain when biting or in contact


You’ve been waiting for the clock to strike 6pm, knock off, and enjoy your quality meat platter. But as the meat sizzles and you’re ready to sink your teeth into the tender and juicy piece, here comes the sharp pain. If it’s happening too often, it could be a sign of something serious. Here are some possible reasons for tooth pain when biting or in contact. #1: Cavity Cavities are also commonly referred to as tooth decay. The small hole


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Benefits of using influencer marketing for your brand

an influencer at work

Influencer marketing, when done right, can advance a company’s branding and lead them onto the road to success. However, therein lies the question of the type of influencers out there to choose from. With more people joining the influencer network, here’s a good way to segregate them into categories: Mega-influencers: More than 1 million followers Macro-influencers: From 300,000 to 1 million followers Micro-influencers: Between 10,000 and 100,000 followers Nano-influencers: 100s to 10,000 followers Keeping the overview in mind, we will


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Here are the answers to your FAQs on electric vehicles (EVs)

EV charger

Apart from COVID-19 being a hot issue in Singapore and globally, electric vehicles (EVs) are also gaining much attention in 2021. Earlier this year in February, Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat announced that there would be more incentives to encourage EVs’ early adoption in his Budget speech. If you’re a car owner or planning to become one, this topic should be on your radar. Here are the answers to your FAQs on EVs answered by CNA Insider and the Electric



Follow These Steps To Acquire Stocks In Singapore

With an abundance of low-cost investment brokerages and a wide range of investment products, we believe that anyone can get started on investing. Unless your ambition is to become a day trader, you do not need to master technical analysis or complex charting techniques. Simply carve out your path by following these steps. #1: OPEN AN INVESTMENT BROKERAGE ACCOUNT Unlike your comfort food, stocks cannot be bought at a store and taken home in a paper bag. You need to