7 challenges to help you save more money

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Are you beginning to plan for your financial future? Or are you hoping to make a down payment on a big purchase or preparing to start a family? Saving money is an integral part of personal finances, but it can be hard to refine and practice. For some, saving money can feel downright impossible! However, with practice and patience, you can turn a new leaf on your money-saving journey. Need some motivation? Building up your savings account can be easier


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An economist says these 3 countries are poised to prosper in the next 10 years

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With the new year’s arrival and a new president in the United States, international cooperation and trade are sure to be very different this year than in the past. Because of the anticipation that looms behind future developments, we must pay attention to the up and rising economies, which may directly or indirectly affect us. According to economist Kaushik Basu, three countries might just live up to expectations in their development process. They are South Korea, Vietnam, and Mexico. South


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Beginner’s Guide To Growing Houseplants

From vibrant succulents to the elusive variegated Monstera, the popularity of growing your own houseplants spiked during the pandemic. Visually driven social media has become a haven for foliage fanatics. Simply ask your friends, who are proud plant-dads or plant-moms, about their collections and they will gush with enthusiasm. Although this botanic popularity may seem like a fad, people have long been maintaining a love affair with plants. Let us focus on the Millennial generation. Their love of plants roots


New Insurance Savings Product: Dash PET offers 1.7% p.a.* on the first $10,000!

Dash PET by Etiqa Insurance, the latest insurance savings plan available on Singtel Dash, allows users to Protect, Earn and Transact – basically taking care of you! You can earn up to 1.7% p.a.* with no additional criteria required, making it absolutely hassle-free! At 1.7% p.a.*, this makes Dash PET highly attractive especially given the current climate of uncertainty and falling bank savings interest rates. Here’s how Dash PET can take care of you. Singtel Dash is an all-in-one mobile


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What leaders can learn from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Becoming a successful business leader is no easy task, and not many are born with leadership skills. But what makes a good leader is not some inborn quality but rather the ability to learn from others, take challenges, and grow from them both personally and professionally. One of the world’s prominent business, technological, and corporate leaders, Steve Jobs, shared this belief. There are tons we can discern from his mantra and mission in transforming the world we live in. Here