How Luxury Brands are Designed to Keep You Poor

Nowadays, there is a collective desire to be more conscientious about our spending habits. This newfound mindfulness manifests in various motivations, including concerns for the environment, alignment with personal values, financial prudence, and even a deliberate resistance to the seductive allure of consumerism. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to recognize that not everyone consistently adheres to these aspirations. Just take a look at the Singaporeans who are obsessed with luxury goods! In fact, their presence is projected to grow by 3.49% from


Career and Enterprising

Your First Job Interview Is Hard

Your first job interview is a big step into the world of adulthood and the professional realm. It’s a mix of excitement and nerves as you prepare to face potential employers and prove yourself. The pressure can feel overwhelming, leaving you uncertain about how to handle this new challenge. One of the toughest aspects of a first job interview is the lack of prior experience. As a fresh graduate or young professional, you may wonder how to effectively showcase your


Travel & Entertainment

How to Save Money When Traveling Around Asia with Kids

Let’s face it, kids can be costly. From daily expenses like groceries and clothing to future endeavors like college funds, the financial responsibilities can seem overwhelming. The idea of a family vacation might make you hesitant, but don’t dismiss it just yet. Traveling together not only strengthens the bond between parents and children but also creates unforgettable memories. After all, what’s the point of working hard if you can’t enjoy life? The good news is, you absolutely deserve and can


Lifestyle & Hobbies

7 Best Cafes in Singapore

Imagine the sheer delight that washed over our office when we welcomed the arrival of our brand new De’Longhi Coffee Machine. It felt as if it could magically brew joy with every cup. We were a bunch of coffee enthusiasts, and the yearning for top-notch breakfast and artisanal coffee was about to be fulfilled by Singapore’s finest cafes. From specialty brews and hearty breakfasts to delightful brunch spots tucked away in the city, we present to you a list of


Marriage & Family

7 Common Money Mistakes New Parents Make

Managing family finances is an essential skill for young couples to master, especially those who are pregnant and parents for the first time. In fact, financial management not only affects the spousal relationship, but also directly affects the future of the children. 1. Splurging on Children’s Activities Parents are often thrilled when their children find an activity that they both love and excel in. However, don’t make the mistake of letting your child’s newfound interest turn into your personal identity.