Sony’s wearable air conditioner device, the REON Pocket 5, is set to launch in Singapore in May 2024

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Sony Thermo Technology Inc. is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest innovation, the REON Pocket 5, in Singapore from May 2024. (Pre-order at $249 here. Apply code ‘MySonyLovesREON’ for $20 off*)

As the newest addition to the highly successful REON Pocket series, this fifth-generation wearable thermo-device is set to redefine personal climate control.

Revolutionary Comfort Right at Your Neck

The REON Pocket 5 is ingeniously designed to be worn at the back of the neck, providing direct cooling or warming to the body. This strategic placement allows for immediate temperature regulation, enhancing comfort in any setting.

Advanced Cooling Technology

The REON Pocket 5 introduces an upgraded thermo-module and a newly designed heat dissipation fan, enhancing airflow and cooling efficiency. This new model delivers up to 1.5 times better cooling performance than its predecessors and can operate at full efficiency for approximately 7.5 hours at COOL Level 4, making it perfect for extended use.

Quieter Operation

Significantly quieter, the REON Pocket 5 reduces noise by up to 80%, ensuring it can be used discretely even in quiet business environments.

Smart Temperature Adjustment

Featuring the innovative “SMART COOL ⇔ WARM MODE,” the device intuitively adjusts between cooling and warming based on ambient temperatures, ensuring optimal comfort automatically. The REON Pocket 5 also includes a REON Pocket TAG equipped with advanced software that detects direct sunlight and adjusts the temperature 33% faster than earlier models.

Dual Style Compatibility

With two types of air vent covers, the REON Pocket 5 is suitable for both business and casual attire. Whether you’re dressing for a formal meeting or a relaxed weekend outing, this device adjusts to your style without compromising performance.


The REON Pocket 5 is available in Singapore from May 2024, with subsequent availability in Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Embrace the future of personal comfort and climate control with Sony’s REON Pocket 5, where advanced technology meets everyday convenience.

Click here to pre-order now.

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