Endowus Singapore Retirement Report 2021: Almost 50% of Singaporeans have not started retirement planning

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Do you know that though CPF members’ total balance has increased from roughly S$125 billion in 2006 to S$474 billion in March 2021, only 63.6% of active CPF members who turned 55 could set aside their Full Retirement Sum (FRS) or Basic Retirement Sum last year?

Hence, to better understand Singaporeans’ attitudes towards retirement, Endowus has worked with YouGov Singapore to develop the Endowus Singapore Retirement Report 2021. The survey took place in May this year with a sample size of 1099 adults, reflecting our tiny red dot’s adult profile population.

Here are its findings.

39% of Singaporeans are worried about retirement inadequacy

The survey revealed that about 1 in 3 Singaporeans are worried about retirement inadequacy. However, the results varied between the genders. Twice as many men than women confidently agreed that they hold sufficient money for retirement.

Almost 50% of people have not started planning for retirement

While 53% of Singaporeans are planning to use or are currently using CPF to fund their retirement, almost 50% of people have not started retirement planning. This is especially true for the younger age group under 35.

Lower-incomers are less likely to plan for their retirement with CPF
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Another worrying factor is that those earning below S$3,000 are less likely to plan for their retirement with CPF when compared to those with incomes above S$6,000 per month. This thus also means that lower-incomers are not making full use of their CPF. It also lowers their chances of achieving the FRS for financial stability at retirement.

Only 25% are currently investing their CPF

The report also showed that close to 70% lack confidence in investing their own CPF monies. That is why only 25% are currently investing their CPF. However, most Singaporeans seek higher returns and ranked it as the most critical criteria for CPF investing.

30% are asking for tools on CPF investing knowledge

There seems to be a gap in using CPF around financial decisions; as such, a third of Singaporeans are requesting tools to help them understand the impact of their financial decisions around their CPF. Some are also appealing for resources to aid them in estimating retirement income from their CPF.

To that, Samuel Rhee, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Endowus, agrees. He said, “Considering these shifting time horizons and other uncertainties, more education may be needed to help Singaporeans make better use of their CPF, especially earlier in life, when savers have more time to take advantage of asset growth.”

What about you? Have you started retirement planning? Ponder over these things if you want to be on track to building your retirement fund. For the full Endowus Singapore Retirement Report 2021, please head to endowus.com/insights/singapore-retirement-report-2021.

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