OWNDAYS unveils the Mobile Suit Gundam’s Zaku Head Case for S$498

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Limited to 2,500 units worldwide

As a homage to the most prominent mobile suit that Char Aznable has piloted in Mobile Suit Gundam, OWNDAYS brings to life the Zaku Head Case, an eyewear case modelled after Chars custom MS-06S Zaku. Measuring 45cm in length, the Zaku Head Case comes in the largest-ever 1:7 scale. Besides its substantial size, the Zaku Head Case boasts of other exceptional features that far surpass those in a typical eyewear case. These include a movable space to keep your eyewear and the monoeye that lights up along with an activation sound effect. Furthermore, the blade antenna, a symbol of the commander rank, has built-in magnets that allow it to be detachable.



  • Storage space to hold 4 pairs of Zeon-exclusive eyewear
  • 2-Step opening/closing mechanism with a movable monoeye
  • Monoeye lights up along with an activation sound effect

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