Disney and Pixar Collectibles available for redemption at 7-Eleven stores from 7 Jun – 8 Aug 23

In celebration of Disney’s 100th Anniversary, 7-Eleven invites Disney fans to embark on a magical journey filled with beloved Disney and Pixar characters. With their Shop and Earn Stamps Programme, you can collect a variety of delightful 3-in-1 Match & Go Sets featuring eight iconic characters. Let’s explore this exclusive collection that promises to ignite the childlike wonder within all of us.

Stamp Programme and Redemption

From June 7th to August 1st, 2023, customers can collect stamps through the Shop and Earn Stamps Programme. For every $5 spent at 7-Eleven, you will receive one stamp. Upon collecting eight stamps, simply top up $8.90 in cash to redeem a blind box of a “Match & Go” set. yuu members can also redeem with 400 YUU points and a top-up of $8.50 in cash. Stamp collection ends on August 1st, and redemption ends on August 8th or while stocks last.

Unleashing the Magic: The “Shopping Bag Set”

Upgrade Your Shopping Style with the “Shopping Bag Set”! Each set comprises a fashionable tote bag, a convenient head-shaped pouch, a charming cardholder, and a carabiner clip. Let’s dive into the enchanting designs:

  1. The Incredibles’ Edna Mode Shopping Bag Set: Channel your inner superhero with this set inspired by The Incredibles’ renowned costume designer, Edna Mode. Carry this spacious shopping bag and store it conveniently in Edna’s head-shaped pouch as you go about your daily adventures.
  2. Mickey Mouse Shopping Bag Set: Bring a touch of timeless elegance to your ensemble with the Mickey Mouse Shopping Bag Set. Complete with a Mickey-shaped pouch, a classic black shopping bag, and a stylish cardholder featuring the iconic character, this set is a must-have for Disney enthusiasts.
  3. Donald Duck Shopping Bag Set: Get ready for excitement and exploration with the vibrant Donald Duck Shopping Bag Set. Featuring a colorful shopping bag, a charming blue cardholder, and a head-shaped pouch adorned with a playful design of Donald Duck, this set is perfect for your everyday escapades.
  4. Monsters, Inc.’s Sulley Shopping Bag Set: Unleash your inner monster with the Sulley Shopping Bag Set. This set includes a versatile pouch that can be clipped onto your favorite items, serving as a convenient AirPods holder or a stylish accessory. Carry your sports gear or essentials in the spacious bag, and let the magic unfold.

Revolutionize Your Storage Game: The “Zipper Pouch Set”

If you prefer a smaller bag, the “Zipper Pouch Set” is perfect for you. It includes an adorable head-shaped pouch, a rectangular zipper pouch adorned with lovable Disney and Pixar characters, a lightweight cardholder, and a carabiner clip. Let’s explore the captivating designs:

  1. Chip ‘n Dale Zipper Pouch Set: Add a touch of mischief to your day with the Chip ‘n Dale Zipper Pouch Set. This eye-catching pouch features a double-sided design, showcasing Chip on one side and Dale on the other. It’s an ideal storage solution for your stationery and small essentials.
  2. Stitch Zipper Pouch Set: Embrace quirkiness with the Stitch Zipper Pouch Set. Its purple and blue combination exudes charm and playfulness, making it a perfect accessory for storing cash, tissues, ID cards, and other on-the-go essentials.
  3. Toy Story’s Lotso Zipper Pouch Set: Provide a forever home for Toy Story’s fluffy pink Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear. The star of this set, the Lotso head-shaped pouch, can be attached to your bag as a decoration, while the zipper pouch keeps your makeup and other essentials organized.
  4. Toy Story’s Alien Zipper Pouch Set: Be the clawww to these adorable three-eyed aliens from Toy Story. The Zip-Up Pouch Set offers an iconic green and blue color scheme, providing ample space for your essential cards, hand sanitizers, and more.

Enchanting Accessories to Complete Your Disney Look

To add a touch of Disney magic to your wardrobe, 7-Eleven presents additional merchandise featuring beloved characters:

Reversible Bucket Hat Stitch & Lotso: Perfect for outdoor adventures, this reversible bucket hat allows you to switch between Stitch for Toy Story’s Aliens or Lotso for Sulley, shielding you from the hot sun. With a top-up of $14.90 with any purchase or 400 YUU points and an additional $10 in cash, you can own this stylish accessory.

Auto Open UV Long Umbrella Chip ‘n Dale: Don’t let UV rays or rain dampen your day. With the Auto Open UV Long Umbrella featuring Chip ‘n Dale, you’ll stay protected in style. For a top-up of $16.90 with any purchase or 400 YUU points and an additional $12 in cash, this umbrella is yours to conquer any weather.

Don’t miss the opportunity to unlock the magic of Disney and Pixar with 7-Eleven’s exclusive Match & Go Collectibles. Immerse yourself in the joy and nostalgia of these beloved characters as you collect stamps and redeem these delightful sets. With the “Shopping Bag Set” and “Zipper Pouch Set,” you can upgrade your style and revolutionize your storage game. Visit any 7-Eleven store from June 7th to August 1st, 2023, to embark on this enchanting journey and add a sprinkle of Disney magic to your life.

* Transactions involving tobacco products, parking coupons, bill payments, top-up services, electronic gift cards, lottery sales, and sales from pre-order and delivery platforms do not qualify for stamp collection.

Image credits: 7-Eleven Singapore

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