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Newbie’s Guide To Singapore’s Credit Bureau

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The Credit Bureau (Singapore) is a principal credit consumer agency, which has the most comprehensive industry uploads originating from all the major financial institutions and retail banks. Credit Bureau (CB) is a joint venture between the “Infocredit Holdings Pte Ltd.” and “The Association of Banks in Singapore”.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) vision to improve the public’s risk management capabilities is in lined with the holistic embodiment of CB. How is this so?

The Banking Act allowed the members of CB (e.g., credit card companies) to reveal credit-related data for the strong purpose of analyzing the creditworthiness of existing and potential customers. Simply, CB presents a “complete risk profile” of a particular customer to a particular credit card provider.

This complete risk profile includes a tangible number called the Credit Score. The Credit Score is an independent assessment of an applicant, which guides the decisions of the lenders. It is gauges the likelihood of repayment as well as the probability of going into default. You must pay close attention to your Credit Score if you are planning to apply for any forms of loans or credit. For instance, you and your spouse need good Credit Score to successfully take up an educational loan for your children.

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Say your Credit Score has been in its low point for the past 2 months. Wary not, my friend. You may still rejuvenate your credit history as the reports from the CB manifest your record on promptness over a 12-month period. You read that right! You have the ability to technically “undo” a poor credit history due to late payments and unmet minimum repayment sums. However, paying your monthly credit card bills and loan installments on time must be your top priority for the next 12 months. Doing so will only clean up a section of your credit report known as the “Account Status History”.

Hope fades when your problems go deeper than late repayments. Serious financial situations such as bankruptcy proceedings and debt management programs will remain reflective on your credit report. You have to be careful to secure a pleasant future!

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