4 best-rated dance schools in Singapore to nurture your little one’s rhythmic moves from young

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Finding a dance school to inspire your child’s rhythmic talents?

To guide you through (or at least attempt to narrow down choices), we have curated a list of the best-rated dance schools in Singapore, where your little one can hone their passion for movement and music from a tender age.

John & Josephine Dance Creative


Website: johnjosephinedance.com.sg

Google Rating: 5 (30+ reviews)

Since 1999, John & Josephine Dance Creative has been bringing joy to people’s feet with their dance lessons.

If you have a child who wants to learn the basics of ballroom, their professional instructors make learning fun through private or group classes in styles from the waltz to the jive.

Private lessons for just $350 include four 45-minute sessions to tailor their technique, while group lessons for $160 consist of six one-hour classes to practice new moves with like-minded dancers.

Located in Bras Basah Complex, John & Josephine Dance Creative is your one-stop for all things ballroom, Latin, and social, helping your child gracefully glide across the dance floor with confidence.

Dancer’s Dream Studio


Website: dancersdreamstudio.com

Google Rating: 5 (20+ reviews)

Next, we have Dancer’s Dream Studio (DDS) which brings big dreams to life through dance classes for all ages and skill levels.

Located along Dempsey Road, their dance curriculum balances skills with creative play to nurture a love for movement.

Their DDS Latin Dance for Kids program is designed to make Latin dance accessible and fun for young children or for those looking to pick up a new hobby.

Your kid will pick up foundational syllabus figures while being entertained through games and creative thinking within routines.

If you want to see your child love every spin and twirl as they discover their inner performer, join them on their studio floors.

DDS will provide the music, the moves, and the mentorship to help your child find their rhythm.

STEP Studio


Website: step.sg

Google Rating: 4.9 (70+ reviews)

STEP Studio offers energetic dance courses in an inspiring environment for all ages.

Founded in 2014, they provide contemporary, hip-hop, and street jazz classes for students of all ages.

Smaller class sizes ensure optimum learning as the foundation and basic technical skills are the focus.

Their 8-week courses progress students through 8 foundational lessons that build core skills and techniques to execute simple choreography.

Instructors teach one routine throughout the course at a pace that suits the group.

Beginners through advanced levels are available to all abilities and nationalities, starting from just $136 for 8 weeks.

Dance At The Difference


Website: danceatthedifference.com

Google Rating: 4.9 (30+ reviews)

Last but not least, Dance At The Difference promises a nurturing environment for little ones to learn many types of dance from expert instructors.

Children up to 8 years old can discover their passion for Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, and more during regular classes or the upcoming Easter Dance Camp—5 mornings of dancing fun full of exciting activities for ages 3 to 8 in April 2024 for just $300.

Located at Goldhill Center, parents can try a free trial class to see their child’s eyes light up as they learn music and movement, and build confidence and social skills through dance at a boutique studio focused on helping children shine.

Contact them for more deets!

You can witness your child’s dance dreams take flight at one of the abovementioned dance schools in Singapore. Whether they twirl in tutus or groove to modern beats, the foundation laid at a young age will shape their future. Enroll your little ones today and watch as they blossom into dancers, guided by the expertise of the pros. Let the music play and the joy of movement unfold.

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