4 Best Spots to Learn Horse Riding in Singapore

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Discovering the joys of horse riding in Singapore is now easier than ever, thanks to a variety of accessible riding schools offering lessons for all levels of expertise. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned rider, these establishments provide opportunities to connect with these majestic animals and experience the thrill of equestrian sports right here in our city.


Dreaming of riding through lush landscapes like in a Disney movie? Look no further than the Bukit Timah Saddle Club. Their beginner courses, spanning eight weeks, cover everything from horse handling to trotting. Classes, priced at S$600 for eight lessons, offer a blend of theory and practical sessions in groups of four to five students. Additionally, guided trail strolls provide a serene way to connect with nature on horseback, with prices ranging from S$100 to S$150 per person.

Location: Kranji, Singapore 738078


Located at 100 Jalan Mashhor, the National Equestrian Centre is where Singapore’s top riders hone their skills for international competitions. Regardless of your experience level, you can join classes either individually or in small groups. Beginners can embark on a structured Beginner’s Course, priced at S$560 for seven lessons. Starting with basic stable management, the course progresses to mastering essential riding techniques like walking, halting, and steering, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for all.

Image Credits: facebook.com/NECSingapore

Location: 100 Jalan Mashhor, Singapore 299177


For a family-friendly outing or a romantic date, Gallop Stable at Pasir Ris Park is an ideal choice. Boasting the largest public horse riding range in Singapore, Gallop Stable offers a range of lessons, from private to group sessions. Children can also enjoy pony care activities, fostering a deeper appreciation for these gentle creatures. Prices vary depending on the activity, starting from S$10 for a pony ride and S$85 for an hour-long trail ride.

Location: 61 Pasir Ris Green, Singapore 518225 (Pasir Ris Park)


Immerse yourself in equestrian history at the Singapore Polo Club, established in 1886. While membership is required for regular access, visitors can still enjoy riding lessons and horse-and-stable management sessions. Classes are available Tuesday to Sunday, offering a blend of riding instruction and hands-on horse care experiences. Though membership comes with a cost, it’s an opportunity to be part of a storied tradition and learn from seasoned professionals.

Location: 80 Mount Pleasant Road, Singapore 298334


While horse riding offers numerous physical and mental benefits, safety is paramount. To prevent common injuries:

– Ensure stables maintain high standards of care and are staffed by trained professionals.
– Teach riders, especially children, to handle horses with care and avoid sudden movements.
– Regularly inspect and maintain riding equipment to ensure it’s in good condition.
– Invest in properly fitting safety gear, such as helmets, to protect riders from accidents.

Image Credits: facebook.com/bukit.saddleclub/

By following these guidelines, riders can enjoy the thrill of horse riding while minimizing risks and ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all. So saddle up and discover the joy of riding in Singapore!

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