Premium economy experience with new meals & amenity kits onboard Singapore Airlines from 31 March

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Happy Travel Thursday!

In today’s post, allow us to update you on some big changes coming to Singapore Airlines’ Premium Economy experience.

In a few days starting 31 March, if you’re a passenger in that cabin class, you can look forward to larger portions, higher quality ingredients, and some new dish options.


And that’s not all for you will also be getting upgraded amenity kits that are more eco-friendly.

A long-awaited upgrade

This is a major refresh of the Premium Economy experience since it was first introduced 9 years ago, in 2015.

Singapore Airlines wants to keep improving things based on customer feedback with this philosophy:

To never stop trying to deliver an even better-personalized experience while flying.

And rightly so since we all know that their flight ticket prices ain’t cheap.

New recipes, new taste
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Over the past two years, SIA has been developing new recipes.

They’ve got 48 appetizers, 175 main courses, and 34 desserts in the works.

Some dishes are enhanced versions of old favorites, but they’re also introducing some fresh choices.

For example, on their “Book the Cook” pre-order menu, they’ve added 9 new options including beef bourguignon, Malay-style lamb curry with roti jala, and even some plant-based mushroom eggplant meatballs.

Great for plant-based food fans!

Also, one classic Singaporean dish they worked hard to perfect is bak chor mee, the minced pork noodles we never get sick of.


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It took the team 10 to 12 months and 90 tries to get the sauce balances of the vinegar and sambal right.

They even visited top hawker stalls to make sure it was as authentic as possible.

For the other 11 Book the Cook meals, existing recipes got an upgrade too—the nasi lemak will now feature rendang chicken instead of fried chicken.

Regional menus are also expanding, with Indian meals adding an extra side dish and the popular papadum snack.


Special dietary meals now provide more choices too, even customized child meals that kids can pick between Western, Asian, or vegetarian.

The wine and drink selections got an overhaul as well with new varietals and non-alcoholic options like peppermint and chamomile teas.

There’s even Cadbury hot chocolate to choose from!


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To serve all this, Singapore Airlines has also improved its food presentation.

Meals will be served on new porcelain dishware for the food to stay hot longer in a sustainable way

The new trays also maximize space so they can pack in more food.

Revamp of the amenity kit

The amenity kit also underwent a change.

Reflecting changing customer preferences and a growing desire for sustainability, Singapore Airlines partnered with Out Of The Woods, a US-based maker of eco-conscious products, for a fresh amenity kit.

Crafted from eco-friendly Forest Steward Council (FSC)-certified kraft paper fabric, the kit features eyeshades and slippers made from recycled PET material.

Additionally, it includes a lip balm in biodegradable packaging.


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Unlike its predecessor, this new kit excludes items like dental kits and moisturizers, which can be found in the lavatory during the flight.

To get your hands on those revamped kits***, do make a request after boarding.

Who’s excited about their upcoming Singapore Airlines flight from 31 March?

***For flights lasting seven hours or more only.

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