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How To Manage Difficult Phone Calls

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Handling a frustrated or angry caller is not an easy feat! While the stress and anxiety of managing these situations fade as you learn more about your job, the importance of dealing with difficult clients never fades.

When it comes to client support, dissatisfied clients air out their sentiments more than the satisfied clients. Bad news travel faster than the good. Thus, you must ensure that the client hangs up with a happier disposition.


Time is money. The more efficient you can be, the more clients you can help throughout the day. You need to address all the concerns as quickly as possible. You must be organized because clients get frustrated when they wait or when they are put on hold for a long time.


Before starting the call, ensure that you pull out all the relevant files and reviewed all the notes pertaining to the case. Being prepared will help you to avoid asking for the client’s story again. After the call, take down notes on what was discussed. This will help you know what to follow-up next time.


In general, one of the vital aspects of handling difficult callers is active listening. Listen to your clients while simultaneously showing concern and getting insight into the issue. This will help you arrive at a solution.

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Train yourself to be pleasant during stressful situations. Practice your tone of voice and use a calm approach. At times, callers can test your patience to the limit. You must separate yourself from their emotions and treat the issue objectively. Reacting with anger can only exacerbate the situation.


It is worth your time to apologize for any problem or inconvenience caused. If the problem was originally the client’s fault, blaming the person will make it worse. Remember that the client should be your ally and not your enemy. Assist the client to arrive at a workable solution together.

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When the challenging call is over, take a deep breath and let it go. Hanging on to the stress of the demanding situation can affect your relationships at work. There is simply no benefit in reliving the difficult call.

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