How to bounce back from a rejection despite an exceptional job interview

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You nailed your job interview.

You dressed the part, you were on time, and you answered all of the interviewer’s questions with confidence. In your mind, you were a shoo-in for the position. But then you didn’t get the job offer.

Rejection is never easy, but it can be especially hard when you put so much effort into your job interview and thought you did well. But don’t dwell on it just yet! Let’s cover how to deal with rejection after a job interview, how to learn from your mistakes, and how to stay positive during the job search process.

It’s not you, it’s them

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

There are a million reasons why you may not have been selected for the job, and it’s not necessarily a reflection of your skills or qualifications.

The hiring manager may have had a change of heart on what they were looking for, or they may have been swayed by another candidate. Brush yourself off, and start planning your next move.

How to deal with the rejection
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Rejection hurts, no matter how you slice it.

But it’s not the end of the world. There are many ways to cope with rejection and turn it into a positive learning opportunity.

First, understand that rejection is a natural part of the job-hunting process. Not everyone is going to pick you, and not every company is going to be the right fit. Stay positive and keep your head up high.

Next, try to learn from the experience. What went wrong? What could you have done differently? What do you need to work on to improve your chances next time? And don’t be afraid to reach out for advice. There are plenty of people willing to offer guidance and encouragement.

Use the rejection as motivation and stay positive

Don’t get discouraged.

There are other jobs out there, and you’re more than capable of landing one of them. Second, use rejection as motivation to work even harder. You want to prove to yourself that you’re not worth missing out on.

Finally, stay positive. Don’t let this one rejection knock you down. Remember that there are other employers out there who would be more than glad to have you onboard. And don’t give up on your pursuits—you will find the ideal position sooner or later.

You nailed the interview. You answered every question perfectly and showed off your skills. But you’ve been rejected—what do you do? Don’t panic. Getting rejected after a job interview is common, and it’s not the end of the world. Next, take some time to reflect on what went wrong. Maybe you didn’t sell yourself the way they wanted or maybe you didn’t show that you were a good fit for the company. Lastly, take action. Reach out to the hiring manager and ask for feedback. Then use that feedback to improve your interviewing skills. Keep applying for the right jobs and don’t give up—with a little perseverance, you will eventually get hired.

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