Career and Enterprising

Reasons why you should reconsider that office romance

office romance

Many individuals meet their spouses at work, however, at the same time, seeing someone you met at the office can be considered taboo. But what if you’ve been flirting with a coworker and want to pursue a further relationship? Well, you spend a lot of time together at work, and when individuals are in close quarters working together, and having honest, emotional talks, there’s a strong possibility romantic ties may develop. It’s critical to consider the dangers before acting on


Marriage & Family

What to expect from marriage counseling

marriage counseling

When you sign up for marriage counseling for the first time, you might encounter some anxieties, and that is perfectly normal. You may also be doubtful that counseling can actually help your relationship. Mutual trust with a counselor, as well as mending your relationship, might take quite some time. Going into your initial few encounters of relationship counseling with an unbiased view and being upfront with yourself, your spouse, and your counselor is the best way to proceed. In fact,


Career and Enterprising

Why you should not retire early

elderly workers in singapore

There’s emerging proof retirement doesn’t just mean a few more years of tennis, fishing, and overseas trips. Choosing when to retire is a complicated choice that isn’t only based on financial considerations. Your overall wellness, family duties, and personal goals all play a role or should play a large part. The most crucial question is whether you’ve considered what you want to accomplish with your senior years, no matter how long they may be. Whatever your answer may be, here’s


Personal Finance, Savings

Here’s how to stop the urge of spending money

shopping bags

Emotions have a big influence on what we buy. As a result, it’s understandable that when anything is going on in our personal lives, it will manifest itself in our financial habits as well. Does a little online shopping sound like the solution when you’re having a bad day? It may be as simple as picking up a new blouse or the latest pair of shoes. You convince yourself it’s not a huge cause for concern; you simply want to



Tips to educate your kids on investing

teaching kids how to invest

Time is your best friend when it comes to investing. The longer time you allow your assets to develop, the bigger your retirement fund will be. The problem is that most individuals aren’t educated about investing until they’re in their adult years. And by that time, most have already squandered over two decades. Traditional educational systems often do not educate children about investing, such as why they should acquire stocks while they are young and how to build a diversified