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Top Tips on How to Write a Comparative Analysis Essay

Writing a comparative essay is one of the most common tasks for students in both colleges and universities. Although it usually doesn’t have a lot of special requirements, many classmen still face some difficulties in writing this type of essay. How to write a comparative analysis essay easily and quickly? Which paper structure should you choose? What are the key elements of any successful paper? Let’s find the answers!

What are the Typical Features of the Comparative Analysis Essay?

The comparative essay is a paper that should include the detailed description of the significant similarities and differences between the two facts, events or viewpoints. This type of the essay requires analytical skills, logic, as well as an ability to combine and match various facts. Furthermore, you should meet the basic requirements for all types of academic papers and follow the rules of formatting.

How to Start?

All kinds of academic papers including the comparative essay should start with an introduction. First of all, you should provide some basic facts on the main topic. Then you need to grab reader’s attention and lead to the main subject of discussion.

The second important thing that should be described in the introduction is whether you’ve chosen to write about the differences, similarities or both. Don’t forget to add some general facts about the issue: a couple of sentences for this purpose is just what you need.

5 Tips on How to Cope with the Basic Structure of the Comparative Essay

  • Frame of reference. Being the first element of the comparative essay, frame of reference is considered to be one of the most important parts of your essay. Here you will need to provide and group the things you are going to compare. You might choose a couple of facts, ideas, theories or problems. The main idea of any frame of reference is to focus on two specific issues and provide their detailed description. Note: Avoid writing your own views and observations in this part of the essay. Use only reliable sources, investigations and studies. Adding your own theories is a common mistake of hundreds of students.
  • The grounds. Comparison grounds should be provided to inform your readers on the main reasons of your choice. Here you will need to write a couple of statements to prove your main topic was not chosen randomly.
  • Strong thesis. A successful thesis is usually connected to the comparison grounds. It is a good idea to outline the relationship between the two chosen facts in your thesis. Moreover, you will need to decide whether these issues contradict, complicate or extend each other.
  • Main text. There are two simple techniques on how to write a comparative analysis essay. The first method is to write a couple of paragraphs about the first subject and then move to another one. The second method is to write one paragraph about the first issue than gradually move to the second issue using comparison arguments. This way, you will need to repeat the trick until you describe all your similarities and differences. Both options are usually successful, so choose the easiest one for you. However, don’t leave the most necessary facts for later. Start with the most important issues and then move to simpler ones.
  • Conclusion should contain a brief summary of the previous parts of your essay. Note that you shouldn’t choose any of discussable points or add your own views and ideas. Your personal preferences should never be described in the comparative analysis essay. The only thing you need is to emphasize some basic differences and similarities of both ideas described in your paper.

Don’t forget to proofread your comparative analysis essay. This simple trick will make you avoid the majority of mistakes and misprints. Be careful with citing all your sources and double check you used the needed style (APA, MLA or any other required by your professor).

The last tip for beginners: read a few examples of comparative analysis essay to understand the main subject and the style of writing. Don’t be afraid to talk to your teachers, if you have any special questions about your essay. All this prompts will give you a clear picture on what you should right and get the highest grade with minimum efforts!


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