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Delicious And Affordable Places For Snacks in Singapore

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One of my favorite things to do when I am bored is snacking! Who does not love indulging on small amounts of that sweet slice of cake or that salty pack of potato chips? Besides these classics, there are other budget-friendly snacks that are to die for!

Inexpensive does not always come with bad taste if you know the right places to look. That being said, here are 4 delicious yet affordable places to satisfy your hunger for quick bites…


In 2014, a Japanese dessert shop called Tai-Parfait graced Singapore at the Bugis Junction. Brought by Dining Innovation Singapore, Tai-Parfait boasts its Taiyaki – a Japanese original fish-shaped pancake filled with sweet red bean paste. What’s more? You can also put ice cream, fruits, and other toppings on your dessert.

For example, you may try the Matcha Azuki Tai-Parfait for S$5.50. It is a chocolate-filled Taiyaki topped with Matcha cream, Green Tea ice cream, and Azuki. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

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Go ahead and get your very own Tai-Parfait desserts at their 3 outlets.  


I have to be honest! My sisters and I consider XXL Crispy Chicken as one of our favorite snacks. Its crispy breadcrumbs exterior mixed with chili powder and juicy chicken cuts dance gracefully with our taste buds.

If you were going to ask me where to get it, I would answer Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks right away. This snack is sold for about S$4.20.

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Try it at one of their 4 outlets. Trust me, you would not regret it!


The brand name speaks for itself. Old Chang Kee has been serving us with their signature curry puffs for over 50 years!

A curry puff is a fried pastry made with curry chicken, eggs, and soft potatoes. You cannot go wrong with Old Chang Kee’s consistency in preparing crispy and zesty curry puffs that are filled with herbs and spices. These are sold for only S$1.40 each.

With a bunch of outlets nationwide, you are sure to find one that is nearby.


Say you are out with your friends and you want to get a snack, what better food to share than a bowl of flavored fries? What The Fries! sells creatively delicious flavors such as Nacho Cheese, Chili Crab, Herb Mayo, Bolognese, and Wasabi.

Made with thick-cut potatoes and a sizable sauce, this hot snack is a great way to satisfy your tummy. Get a single serving for S$3.90 or a double serving for S$4.90. If that is not enough, you can try their golden nuggets or curly fries for S$4.90.

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Location: 2 Jurong East Central 1, J Cube Building, #B1-K09 Singapore 609731

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