Incredible Saving Tips That You Must Know Before Buying An Engagement Ring

Take A Chance On The Pawn Shops

In a gloomy night in November, my friend proposed to his long-term girlfriend. The surprise does not stop there as they are expecting an adorable edition to their family. Due to the urgency of the situation and his tight budget, he considered purchasing from the pawn shops along the Little India. The varying rates of the rings here are slightly lower than those offered by the chain jewellers. He grabbed this opportunity ferociously!

You see, unlike some Singaporeans, my friend is not superstitious. He does not believe that purchasing a second-hand ring can induce bad luck. It is a surefire way to stretch your dollar if you hold the same perspective as him.

Negotiate With The Craftsman

I cannot deny the fact that going to a commercial jeweler follows a swifter process. You simply have to step inside the likes of “Love & Co.” and “Lee Hwa Jewellery” and purchase a ring right away. However, convenience comes with a hefty price tag. Consider buying personalized rings from local or online craftsman.

Negotiate with the jeweler and ask if he or she is willing to change the settings of your desired ring. Settings include the 4C’s: carat, cut, color, and clarity.

Opt For The Color Yellow

Different hues grace the very essence of the diamond rings. Since colored diamonds are extremely rare, they are priced handsomely. The supply and demand dictates the varying prices of the said fancy colored diamonds. There is still hope for your pocket as the least popular hues are less expensive.

This is why you must go for the most underrated colors such as Grey, Brown, and Orange. Asians shy away from Yellow diamonds due to the common misconception that it does not suit our skin tones. Try out intense and fancy Yellow diamonds first before believing the majority. Do not be too quick to judge!

Use Your Beneficial Card

Subscribing to the “married club” entails costs that exceed thousands of dollars. How often will this happen to you? Well, you better maximize your purchase! Get as many discounts or rebates as possible by charging your engagement ring in your credit card.

For instance, you may use your American Express True Cashback Card. It offers 3% cashback on the first S$5,000 that you spend. And, there is no limit on your earnings. Isn’t that amazing?

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May these tips help you to save enough money to buy your dream engagement ring. The only thing that you may worry about is your ability to gather your guts in order to ask one of the most significant questions in your life.

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Delicious And Affordable Places For Spicy Dishes

Singapore is a melting pot of various cuisines that cater to all sorts of palettes including the burning one. By burn, I am pointing out the dishes that evoke a desired intraoral sensation by putting spices such as chilli (or chili) peppers and curry. Fortunately, satisfying your cravings for spicy food does not have to come with a price tag that is beyond S$40!



For people who love Thai food as much as I do, scouting for an affordable yet authentic restaurant can be a hobby. Look no further than the casual experience that Nakhon Kitchen can bring. Most of its dishes are reasonably priced for as low as S$6. However, its seafood dishes range from S$10-12.

Going back to the topic at hand, Nakhon Kitchen’s resident Tom Yam Soup is a reward for the spicy food enthusiasts. The extremely spicy soup is garnished with the generous amount of chicken and seafood. The distinctive aroma of lemongrass and the taste of sourness will win your heart in the first bite alone.

 Location: 212 Hougang Street 21 #01-341, Singapore 530212


As it turns out, spicy food seems to gravitate toward the laid-back atmosphere. I am referring to the smooth vibe of the Korean Native Language that diners at Kko Kko Na Ra Korean Restaurant can appreciate. What patrons keep coming back to is their version of a tasty fried chicken. The fried chicken has 4 flavors namely: hot & spicy, sweet & spicy, soy garlic sauce, and original. Stretch your dollar by ordering the “combo set” to get an assorted plate that features all the flavors.

Aside from the chicken, take your spicy taste-buds on a joyride as you devour either the Kimchi Chigae and the Spicy Korean Ramen. The prices of the dishes range from S$15-30.

Location: 57 Tras Street, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore 078996


Image Credits: Tapanick Akara via

Image Credits: Tapanick Akara via

Mellben Seafood has grown immensely since its humble days along the Alexandra Road. Spanning with about three outlets in Singapore, Mellben Seafood is known for its delicious chilli crab. You can expect nothing but huge crabs showered with spicy, slightly sweet, and thick chili sauce. You may request to adjust the spiciness to the level that you can easily bear.

Situated at a Kopitiam in one of the HDB estates, Mellben Seafood at Ang Mo Kio is remotely away from the bustling center of the Lion City. Its menu features a wide array of crab meals such as Chilli Crab, Black Pepper Crab, Butter Crab, and Shimmering Sand Crab. The average price per person is approximately S$35. You can save more by sharing a hearty plate.

Location: #01-1222, 232 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, Singapore 560232


Please offer a moment of silence as I usher the spiciest challenge in town – the “Spaghetti from Hell”. Food adventurers and novice alike are familiar with this Southwest Tavern dish. Put your chili tolerance to the test as you chug down a seemingly friendly plate of pasta in under 10 minutes. Come out victorious to win S$100 worth of dining vouchers or other rewards. If you are not eager to participate in this challenge, you may choose the level of spice.

Spaghetti from Hell comes in three forms: the Hell’s Gateway (about S$18), the Halfway There (about S$22), and the Level 18 (about S$26). You may also try their Suicide Wings (S$14-22) to intensify the entire meal.

Location: 8 Boon Lay Way #01-33 Tradehub 21, Singapore 609964

This article has provided your with some of Singapore’s top spicy dishes. May you enjoy the tasty burns ahead! 🙂

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Before You Kick The Bucket, Visit These Beautiful Local Places

Whether you like it or not, our time on Earth eventually comes to an end. Most people take this as an opportunity to live within their greatest potential. Keeping this mind, you may create a “travel bucket list” filled with the places that you desire to visit before you die (or at least before you turn 60).

You may think that Singapore is exclusively blessed with luxury malls and highly-rated hotels, but there is more to our country than the sheen of wealth. It is surrounded with diverse cultures and a vibrant history that you must discover.

Consider visiting these beautiful places first:


Have a blast from the bygone years by observing how the villagers of the Pulau Ubin live without the glamorous skyscrapers. Pulau Ubin is an island found in the Northeast of Singapore. It is one of the last rural areas in the country with an abundance of fauna and flora. It is a great place to hike, cycle, and experience other outdoor activities. Make sure you pack the best hiking gps for your trip!

You may take a guided tour to explore the picturesque beaches and mangrove areas.


Before the optimum condition of your senses deteriorate due to old age, consider savoring the beauty of treasured artworks by visiting local museums. On the top of my list is none other than Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM). Nestled at the mouth of the Singapore River, ACM will take you on a journey of historical discovery as they preserve the heritage of Asia.

It boasts with about 1,300 artifacts from China, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and West Asia. Upon walking inside its halls last year, I was amazed by the abundance and diversity of the Buddha statues as well as the 12 zodiac animal heads donated by Jackie Chan.

To shake things up, they accompany the permanent exhibits with special exhibits such as the “South Asia and the Islamic World”. You will be glad to know that admission is FREE for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.


Tick one item off your bucket list by conquering your fear of heights!

Take your special someone to a morning hike while watching the sunrise at the MacRitchie Reservoir Park. MacRitchie Reservoir Park houses several long hiking routes including the famous TreeTop Walk. The TreeTop Walk consists of a freestanding suspension bridge that connects two highest points namely: Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalang. This is the first of its kind. You will truly appreciate the unique experience of looking over the variety of plants and animals while being about 25 meters off the ground.


Wouldn’t it be nice to share the stories of how you posed beside all the Merlion statues in Singapore? I am sure that your grandchildren will be fascinated to know that their grandparent stood face-to-face with the nation’s “mythical creature”.

As you may know, the Merlion has the head of the lion and the body of a fish. It is regarded as Singapore’s icon since the 60’s. There are seven Merlion statues built islandwide. Among these is the statue located next to One Fullerton. Take a snap with this water-spouting statue before you walk around Marina Bay.


Recently featured inside the pages of the Louis Vuitton City Guide Singapore, Blue Bali is the closest tropical oasis in the bustling city. The serene place consists of a restaurant and a spa where guests can indulge on contemporary Indonesian cuisine while overlooking the surrounding greenery.

Worry not about breaking the bank as the prices of the meals are reasonable. Mains start from S$16 while the kid’s meals start from S$8.

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Image Credits:

What are you waiting for? Tick “urban paradise” off your bucket list.

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5 Singapore Online Stores To Bookmark Now

My sister is sweeping the Web for the perfect birthday present that her friend will deeply appreciate. Helping her through this task made me realize that you can find just about anything online. From bacon lip balm to a Nicholas Cage pillowcase, you type it to get it!

On that note, here are the 5 Singapore online stores that are worth your time:


If you are on a hunt for elegant dresses that can be worn for any occasion, search no further than Smooth the Label. It is Sarah Lim’s first leap of faith. Ever since she started the e-commerce business in 2010, she had been carefully choosing the pieces to be manufactured for the brand. Each of the designs are embellished with her own unique touch.

The shop’s widespread prices range from S$9.80 to S$80. Best of all? The shipping in Singapore is always free.


Since its emergence in the past three years, HipVan has been making waves regionally due to its lifestyle design inspirations and great sales. It is founded by Danny Tan, Kevin Vo, Deborah Wee, and Shobhit Datta with a whopping fund of S$500,000. This awesome online store delights you with up to 70% off the retail prices of furniture, accessories, kitchen-wares, and so much more. Check their collections at


As the name suggests, Eco City Hydroponics focuses on the lesser-known subset of hydro-culture called the hydroponics. It is a method of cultivating plants using mineral nutrient solutions instead of soil. This online store provides home delivery of products such as Bunching Onion and Vegetable Soy Bean seeds. If you are critical about this type of urban farming, try out their Hydroponic Hobby Kit first.


Where else can you spot an online pet store that is affordable, convenient, accessible, and offers free samples? Well, nowhere but Kohe Pets!

Kohe Pets regularly dishes out free samples of their products so that the clients can easily find out the most suitable treat to their pet’s taste. It has a huge selection of more than 2,500 reasonably priced products ranging from the popular brands to the special brands that are difficult to find in the country. According to testimonials, their deliver service is swift as customers typically receive their orders on the next day.


One of my favorite hobbies to let the time pass is reading. Searching endlessly through a myriad of brands, I found an indie gem called BooksActually. It is my go-to place for enigmatic titles and creative stationary. It houses beautifully written pieces of literature by local and international authors.

The website is crisp, simple, and neat. Go and see for yourself!

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Have fun while shopping! 🙂

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6 Budget-Friendly Ways To Select Clothes Like A Fashion Editor


Simplicity translates to sophistication in most cases. The simpler and sleeker the clothing article is, the better. This is why you must avoid handbags or clothes that are filled with bargain embellishments or distressed denim patterns. If you want to accessorize, opt for a thick bracelet rather than stacking three little ones to increase the outfit’s impact.


Manufacturers prefer gathered seams as they are more forgiving and can fit the majority compared to smooth seams. To seem that you bought your clothes from a high-quality store, shy away from pieces that have gathered seams. Select pleats and sharply tailored garments instead. I once spotted a lovely S$10 pleated skirt at Bugis Street.


Having your jeans tailored for about S$5 or S$8 is worth every buck as it can transform your poorly fitted S$13 Forever21 jeans into a seemingly designer piece. It goes the same for a tailored blazer or a tailored jacket.

While you are shopping, look for uncomplicated garments as they are cheaper to tailor. Another alternative is to make basic stitches on your own by using this helpful post.


I am your typical “girly girl”. My wardrobe is filled with floral blouses, form-fitted skirts, and other feminine pieces. This is why I am absolutely fond of lace. The only problem with an outfit covered with lace is that it can look inexpensive.

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Lace made by the machine can appear flat and flimsy. Try to stick to tops and dresses that use lace only as an accent. Look for lace that seems raw, uneven, and delicate.


Wear one hue or color from head-to-toe because splashing yourself with every color in the rainbow can look cheap! For example, you can wear the different shades of black (i.e., Jet-Licorice) to look slimmer and more stylish. Monochromatic clothing creates an illusion of supreme quality.

Although, this does not mean that you will avoid experimenting with color all together. You may suit up with bold pastels or deep jewel tones and still look as regal.


Classic pieces such as black pencil skirts and white cocktail dresses have a timeless charm. If you are going to spend your hard-earned money on a wardrobe, wear articles that you can style for years to come.

Even InStyle‘s Special Projects Editor (who has been a fashion editor for decades) highlighted her adoration for the classic. She once stated this: “my big investments are all classic shapes. No crazy one-off trends such as culottes, designer sweatshirts, or 1970s-inspired fringed jackets.”

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