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6 Practical Solutions For A Sustainable Home

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These practical lifestyle changes can often save your money and energy.


Score up to 60% less than your regular water usage by installing a low flow shower-head. Some modern shower-heads are adjustable, which means that you can change the settings to low flow. Imagine having a controlled water flow while lathering up and an active rush while rinsing!

Alternatively, you can buy a low flow shower-head for only S$14.74 at Monotaro. Installing one could mean huge savings on your water bill.


There are two ways to freshen up your space naturally. You can either build a proper ventilation system or make use of shading. Install ventilation by switching to ceiling fans that can facilitate air flow throughout the room. On the other hand, shading is done by closing the blinds at certain times of the day.

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If you are undergoing the process of renovation, ask the architect to include passive cooling designs to put your air conditioner to rest.


Energy (and cash) is wasted when there is a mismatch between your appliances and your lifestyle. Instead, you must patronize energy efficient appliances that boost its intelligent designs. Pick the right appliances by understanding your family size, frequency of use, and capacity requirements.

You may also adjust the energy consumption of your appliances with the innate smart programming.


I can still recall the day when my uncle imparted a practical solution, which saved me a considerable amount of cash. He knew that I usually boil pasta on a regular basis due to my fondness for Italian cuisine. So, he taught me to cook with residual heat. Simply cover the pot and switch off the stove after the pasta has been boiling for 7 minutes. Let the pasta sit for 5 minutes more.

You may also apply the same technique when boiling noodles.


If environmentalists were tasked to replace your bulbs, they would turn to the power of Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL). CFLs were introduced in the ’80s and were improved a decade later. These are perfectly suited for study rooms, home office, and other spaces that need extra brightness. You see, CFLs last longer than traditional bulbs and use up to 80% less energy.

Philips Singapore has a range of CFLs. The only catch is that the price of these bulbs are more expensive upfront. However, the steeper cost of your utility bill makes it worth your money.


Embody the “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” slogan by hosting a rummage sale in your community. Doing so allows you to save more space in your closet and to earn extra money on the side. There will be no resources or energy wasted on producing new stuff.

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Furthermore, you may include your neighbors to attract more customers.

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