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6 Clever Tricks To Help Singaporeans Spend Less On Groceries

Perfecting your grocery budget can help you make serious contributions to your savings. Best of all? Saving on groceries does not have to mean skipping on delicious meals or depriving yourselves of quality produce. Read the following backs before you complete your grocery shopping trip. #1: BRING A SHOPPING LIST Whether you want to write down your grocery list on a piece of paper or bring a portable list through a mobile app, you can save time and money by


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Budget-Friendly Tips For Singaporean Teens

Saving money as a teenager is challenging, especially when your social media is constantly flooded with #OOTD posts. Online shopping is so tempting! Your peers may influence your spending habits too. It is important to note that while saving money is hard, it is not impossible! WIDEN YOUR KNOWLEDGE They say that knowledge is power. This age-old statement highlights the importance of handling your own money smartly to make less financial mistakes. Educate yourself by purchasing books on financial literacy,


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Stop Buying These “Essentials”!

I have to be honest! Since the Circuit Breaker (CB) period started, I have been purchasing essentials (such as sanitary napkin and coffee) and non-essentials (such as make-up and jade roller) online. Online shopping prevents me from being exposed to the possible dangers of the coronavirus. However, I felt that its convenience can trap me. I had to become more aware of my spending patterns. I gave myself a maximum limit of twice a month to purchase my needs and



6 New Ways To Save Money In Singapore

Improving your financial well-being does not only involve your earnings as it also involve your spending habits. The latter is important as we live in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Despite this, there are some creative ways you can employ to save money in Singapore. SWITCH TO KOPI Yes! I know how a brewed cup of joe can wake up your sleeping spirits. However, you do not have to frequent a signature or a “branded” cafe



Why Is It So Hard To Save?

With the surge of expenses from left to right, many find it difficult to save money on the side. The difficulty arises not only due to the lack of self-control, but also due to our perception. Harvard Economics Professor Sendhil Mullainathan tells CNN Money that “it is human nature not to save, but we can get better at it”. #1: ACCEPTANCE The first step to building your savings is acceptance. Accept your current financial situation and today’s economy. Whether you