6 Awesome Storage Hacks To Extend Your Food’s Lives

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You walk inside the grocery with your list at hand but after being tempted with the fragrant herbs, fresh bread, tantalizing sweets, and healthy greens…you walked out with more food than you expected!

To get most of your money and avoid wastage, how can you finish all these food before it spoils?

Not everyone found the answer to this question. In fact, each person in Singapore was responsible for about 130 kg of food wastage last 2011.

But the good news is that, this awesome list will bring you 6 storage hacks to increase the longevity of some of your beloved food.


Keep your dry foods hard by not letting air to seep inside its containers. Use air locked containers to store dry food such as cereal, oats, and pasta instead of keeping them in their original packaging (boxes or plastic bags). Decorate and label the containers as you wish.


The sweetened goodness of a peanut butter used for sesame balls, spring rolls, or plain bread can make the meal delicious. The trick to make your jar of peanut butter last longer is to flip it upside down with the cap sealed tight. This will allow the oil near the lid to move through the rest of your jar evenly. Also, it will make your peanut butter creamier.


Soy sauce is a commonly used in Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, and Taiwan. Generally, soy sauce does not need to be kept chilled but putting it inside the refrigerator will help the flavor to remain at its prime quality longer.


Instead of storing your avocado in a basket, store it inside your fridge to avoid over-ripening. And as the day of consumption draws near, pull the avocado outside the fridge. Then, let it finish its ripening process inside a paper bag.


Treat your asparagus and scallions like how you would treat your freshly cut flowers. Fill up a vase or a jar with about two inches of water and regularly trim these vegetables. Keep these veggies there until you are ready to cook them.


I for one love the taste of the honey lemon drink. But I noticed something, leaving it in the fridge leads it to crystallize. This is unnecessary because enzymes in the bees’ stomach create by-products that fight bacteria, honey can be preserved for a lifetime.

So revive your honey by placing the contents in a frying pan with simmering water. Stir it until the crystals dissolve.

Image Credits: pixabay.com (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Image Credits: pixabay.com (License: CC0 Public Domain)

May these 6 tricks come in handy soon! 🙂

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