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How To Deal With A Stingy Boss

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Frugality is an admirable trait, in most cases. Frugal people are typically prepared to tackle the bumps ahead. They are also able to cut down their environmental wastes. However, giving a reaction is essential if the frugality of your boss pulls down your productivity and lowers your workplace morale.

Keep these things in mind before approaching your boss:


As most of the things in life, timing is everything. Choose the appropriate time and place to approach your boss. For instance, you must not discuss about the loss of a major account after your boss got into a car accident. It is not appropriate to discuss serious matter over a phone call either. Remember to equip yourself with respectfulness when discussing money matters.

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Be polite when asking your boss for what you need or want. Be prepared to graciously accept whatever his or her answer is. Do not whine!


It goes without saying that the portability of social media influenced how gossips can circulate on a wider scale. With rumor mills running on hyper-drive, people rarely invest their time into validating each one.

Say that there is a rumor about how your supervisor’s errors plummeted the sales of your company. Without adequate research and lack of communication, you can easily make negative assumptions. This is why learning the full story is important.


Loyalty is a two-way street. There is a fine line between sacrificing for a company that you love and recognizing that you are taken advantaged of. If you are offering your continued loyalty to an employer for over 5 years then, you deserve to be compensated.

When a cheap boss fails to recognize your value, it can stroke a sizzling fire of discontent.


If it seems as though your employer is exhausting you in unnecessary proportions then, you may approach him or her for a pay raise (or a better schedule at the very least). You do not need to let your emotions get in the way! You will only sound conceited and demanding. Instead, start the conversation on a positive note. Praise how well the company is doing in the past quarter or the recent months. Afterwards, you may ask how this affects the employees.

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The next step is to do your research. Be prepared to show your employer how your salary stacks up in comparison with people with similar jobs. You are more valuable than you think; otherwise, they would have fired you a long time ago!

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