5 Sneaky Tactics Retailers Use to Boost Your Spending

Ever walked into a store or surfed through an online retailer with a shopping list, thinking it’s a simple pick, pay, and go scenario? The reality is, the retail world is a maze of cunning strategies designed to nudge you towards making those unplanned purchases.

Before you begin your shopping spree, whether at the mall or behind the screen, it’s crucial to be savvy to the sly tricks crafted to part you from your hard-earned cash.


Shopping is more than just choosing items, it’s a journey through a kaleidoscope of colors strategically picked to sway your behavior. The color of a product or its display has the power to evoke specific emotions. Take red, for instance – often associated with sales because it triggers action and stimulates interest. Even the sales staff, dressed in attention-grabbing hues like red, can influence your choices.

Watch out for falling in love with a product just because it looks pleasing and make sure it genuinely aligns with your needs.


Ever wondered why some items are placed just where you can’t resist picking them up? It’s not a coincidence, as it’s a strategy. Research shows that the act of touching an item increases the likelihood of buying it.

Stores carefully position products in areas where customers are likely to reach out. Think about your experiences – faced with neatly folded items, there’s a hesitation to disrupt the arrangement. You’ll feel a different way shifting thru the clearance rack.

Image Credits: unsplash.com

Remember, the more time an item spends in your hands, the more likely you are to add it to your cart. Be choosy about what you touch, focusing only on items you genuinely plan to take home.


Stores aren’t just selling products…they’re selling experiences. From enticing scents to free tastings and the overall feel of the environment, retailers play with your senses to make you stay longer and spend more.

Stay on guard and, if needed, bring a shopping buddy to help you navigate these sensory tricks consciously.


Online retailers have a powerful weapon in their arsenal – the word “free.” The promise of free shipping can be a tempting bait, leading you to throw more items into your cart just to meet the threshold. In most cases, those extras aren’t really necessary.

So, remind yourself that the allure of free shipping shouldn’t dictate your purchases. Stick to your needs and resist the urge to overspend just for the sake of free shipping.


Supermarkets are like chessboards where the pieces are more expensive items strategically placed at eye level, creating an illusion of value. They might even position pricey items right at the store’s entrance, making everything else inside seem like a bargain.

Watch out for the “add-on” tactic near cash registers – seemingly cheap items that can tempt tired shoppers standing in line. Stay aware and resist the impulse to make last-minute, unnecessary purchases.

Image Credits: unsplash.com

Now that you’re armed with this insider knowledge, navigate the shopping landscape with a mindful approach. Avoid falling prey to the subtle manipulations that retailers use to boost your spending. Your wallet will thank you!

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Awesome UNIQLO Hacks You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

Upon hearing the familiar refrain, “Welcome to UNIQLO,” I’m instantly reminded why this iconic clothing store holds a special place in the hearts of many, myself included, here in Singapore.

When it comes to quality within a similar price range, UNIQLO stands head and shoulders above its competitors, offering a superior shopping experience.

Testament to UNIQLO’s commitment to quality, I’ve been enjoying their classic Airism shirts for four years with no signs of wear or defects.


For the dedicated UNIQLO shopper, the term “Limited Offers” is likely music to your ears. UNIQLO periodically launches sales on their products, particularly in the men’s clothing section.

Given the smaller size and less seasonal nature of the men’s catalog, most items will eventually go on the Limited Offer pile. If you miss a sale, rest assured it’s only a matter of time before the same item goes on Limited Offer again.


Navigate your way to the shelves marked “Sale” with corresponding prices and often the name of the discounted item. These are marked-own items, usually clearance items such as out-of-season or old stock.

While they may not always have red price labels, you can often identify them by a marked-down price on their tags.


Downloading the UNIQLO app is not just a convenience; it’s a strategic move for savvy shoppers. This free app not only serves as an online store but also grants access to exclusive promotions, early sales, and member-only discounts.

Through the app, stay updated of the latest collections, receive personalized recommendations, and accumulate points in the UNIQLO membership program, redeemable for future discounts. You can also read the product reviews to help you decide which product suits you best.


Leverage UNIQLO’s reputation for versatile basics and wardrobe staples by buying in bulk, especially during sales events. This strategy is particularly effective for timeless items like plain t-shirts, socks, and undergarments that maintain their relevance throughout the year.

Image Credits: unsplash.com

Shopping at UNIQLO in Singapore can be a gratifying experience without straining your budget. These money-saving tips, when implemented, not only enrich your shopping experience but also ensure a timeless wardrobe without compromising your budget.

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Money Lessons to Learn from Anime Characters

My current passion revolves around indulging in anime. From the epic world of One Piece to the supernatural mysteries of Jujutsu Kaisen, the characters within these series offer a captivating glimpse into various lifestyles and personalities they portray in their daily lives.

Surprisingly, one can learn a lot about anime characters based on their approach to finances, encompassing everything from their leisurely spending habits to their creditworthiness and the purposes for which they secure loans.


In the realm of My Hero Academia, Ochaco Uraraka, also known as Uravity, emerges as a character whose financial acumen is well beyond her years. Hailing from a family where every yen is cherished, Ochaco never had the luxury of extravagance. Her parents frequently struggled to find stable employment, a situation that made her value every cent.

Ochaco’s prudent approach to money management is commendable. She refrains from reckless spending and has set a noble goal of using her future earnings as a pro hero to support her parents, in gratitude for their sacrifices. Her explanation of this plan leaves her friends Izuku and Tenya deeply impressed.


Within the dark and gritty world of Berserk, the cunning knight commander, Griffith, assumes the monumental responsibility of overseeing the intricate financial aspects of commanding a mercenary army. Sustaining such a formidable force demands substantial resources, as Casca once elucidated to Guts.

Although the anime doesn’t delve into this aspect in detail, it is evident that Griffith dedicated countless hours to meticulously managing the Band of the Hawk’s finances, steering clear of imprudent choices that could have led to its bankruptcy. His financial prowess is an essential facet of his leadership.


Laid-Back Camp presents a delightful slice-of-life anime featuring high school girls with a shared love for camping. However, funding their camping adventures is entirely their responsibility, prompting characters like Nadeshiko and her friends to become financially savvy.

Nadeshiko, in particular, sets an example of patience and diligence by securing a part-time job to meticulously save for high-quality camping gear, despite its substantial cost. Her prudent financial strategy quickly pays off, and she takes pride in her ability to save for potential upgrades, such as a larger tent or a better sleeping bag.


Tohru Honda, the central figure in Fruits Basket, mirrors the responsible financial approach seen in characters like Ochaco and Misaki. Having limited financial resources, she appreciates the value of her earnings and abstains from frivolous expenditures, in honor of her late mother’s teachings.

Tohru dedicates herself to part-time work after school, striving to support herself independently. This determination and financial responsibility, shaped by the loss of her parents, exemplify her wisdom beyond her years.


Anime characters, like real-life individuals, continuously evolve and improve. This progression might encompass mastering new techniques, gaining insights into opponents, or addressing personal weaknesses.

Image Credits: unsplash.com

In Mob Psycho 100, the protagonist, Mob, initially appears as an unassuming and weak individual. However, beneath his unremarkable exterior lies unparalleled psychic abilities. Mob’s indifference to his powers and his awareness that they don’t guarantee a fulfilling life exemplify his maturity. He understands that genuine personal growth extends beyond supernatural talents and that true fulfillment transcends external validation.

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Embrace Quiet Luxury: 8 Essential Pieces for Timeless Elegance on a Budget

After scrolling through a bunch of reels on Instagram and shorts on YouTube, one thing is for sure: the world of fashion is being taken over by quiet luxury. Introducing “quiet luxury,” a movement that embraces a minimalist approach to fashion and a curated capsule wardrobe. It’s not just dominating the runways for spring, but also finding its way into our shopping carts.

So, what exactly is quiet luxury? It’s all about clothing and accessories that exude an expensive allure while remaining timeless and free from ostentatious logos. The shift towards quiet luxury signifies a transformation in our shopping habits, as we now prioritize quality over quantity and seek to make long-term investments in our wardrobe.

Quiet luxury also encourages the appreciation of vintage pieces that showcase exceptional artistry and craftsmanship. It encompasses the choice of designer bags that offer a low cost per wear, favoring subtle elegance over overt branding. By focusing on essentials, creating a quiet luxury look becomes an effortless endeavor. In this article, we present the eight must-have quiet luxury essentials that deserve your investment.


To beat the heat in style, consider investing in a comfortable linen vest. Brunello Cucinelli offers a menswear-inspired staple that pairs effortlessly with a pleated midi skirt. Complete the look with loafers and classic sunglasses from renowned brands like Saint Laurent.


Long denim skirts are currently in high demand, and it’s no wonder why. You can find a minimalist maxi denim skirt from Guess or explore other options such as Alice + Olivia. Pair it with sandals for a stylish ensemble that exudes quiet luxury.


Whether you want to exude power or look fashion-forward on your next overseas trip, consider investing in tailored coats or thrifted designer pieces. Max Mara is a brand that exemplifies these qualities, but emerging designers like Toteme have also created covetable outerwear that perfectly captures the quiet luxury aesthetic.


Contrary to the idea of purchasing bags solely for their easily recognizable logos or trendy shapes, the quiet luxury movement places less emphasis on brand recognition. While logos still hold appeal for luxury brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, others have completely abandoned this notion.

Image Credits: unsplash.com

Logo-free bags, such as Polène’s Numéro Neuf and The Row’s Park Small Tote Bag, have gained popularity. These structured leather bags are simple, elegant, and embody the essence of quiet luxury.


An outfit is only as good as the shoes that accompany it, and in the realm of quiet luxury, there are no exceptions. When it comes to shoes, they should stand out without overpowering the rest of your look. Opt for styles that will remain appealing for years to come. Currently, loafers and ballet flats are the epitome of quiet luxury, capturing its essence perfectly.


How does quiet luxury translate to manicures, you might wonder? Think of micro French manicures, subtle shimmer, pale pinks, and sheer neutrals with delicate metallic accents. It’s all about maintaining an understated elegance. Start by applying a semi-sheer pink, peachy nude shade, or taupe. This color should be barely visible, yet not fully opaque. Then, delicately draw a very thin line on the edge of the nail using white nail polish.


Instead of bold-colored tees, opt for a foundation of warm neutrals and soft shades of white. Pops of rich earthy tones like rust, olive, and sage can add welcome touches of color. While black and deep shades like navy are also used in quiet luxury-inspired spaces, most bold colors are generally avoided in favor of a more understated, predominantly neutral palette.

You don’t need to break the bank on basic tees. Visit Uniqlo, where you can find the best T-shirts at affordable prices, ensuring you maintain your quiet luxury style without compromising on your budget.


For high-quality, meticulously crafted staple items made to stand the test of time, Everlane is the go-to brand. There, you can discover the hand-picked Oversized Linen Blazer, featuring a shape inspired by menswear. This 100% linen blazer is available in different sizes and comes in four colors: Canvas, Canvas and Navy, Light Blue, and Kalamata.

Image Credits: unsplash.com

Focus on reducing your luxury purchases and being mindful with them. Quality trumps quantity. Elevate your wardrobe with these timeless pieces that perfectly embody the essence of quiet luxury. Embrace the elevated, understated style.

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5 Life Lessons from the Candy Crush Saga

Though I was late to the fad, I’ve recently indulged in the world of Candy Crush Saga. I must admit, it’s an undeniably addictive game, but surprisingly, it has also imparted some valuable life lessons. Let’s delve into it and discover what makes it so intriguing.

Candy Crush Saga can be described as a delightful puzzle game with a social twist. The objective is to connect candies of various colors, creating chains that make them vanish, all while progressing through the sugary levels of this exciting adventure.

Playing this game has taught me a few important things that I’d like to share.


As you progress through Candy Crush, the game not only acknowledges your achievements but also rewards you accordingly. Whether it’s a handy lollipop hammer or the coveted ultimate treasure chest, these special incentives add an extra layer of interest and engagement to the gameplay.

Likewise, in the workplace, recognizing employees for their accomplishments plays a significant role in motivating them to put in even more effort to reach their objectives and encourages them to stay committed. Rewards not only spark interest but also aid individuals in achieving their future goals. Leaders who genuinely acknowledge people and their skills become respected figures admired by many.


I’ve taken quite a few risks in my life – working and studying overseas and switching careers. Sometimes, we can’t predict all the obstacles that lie ahead, but that shouldn’t stop us from moving forward. In the game, there are mystery blocks that reveal themselves over time. Players take the risk and forge ahead, despite not knowing what awaits them – whether it’s good or bad.

Similarly, in the workplace, we encounter situations like new technology, expansions, and process changes where the effects are unknown until later. Embracing that risk-taking attitude becomes crucial in such scenarios. Taking risks allows us to evolve, meet objectives, and achieve our goals.

As a leader, being prepared to take risks and prioritize work is essential for success. A great leader focuses on their employees, leading by example in handling risks. It’s all about taking those calculated risks when needed, as they pave the way for success and bring us closer to achieving our visions.


In the game, just playing continuously takes you to the next level, but it doesn’t mean you’ve truly won. To achieve victory, you must stay focused on your actions. Whenever I find myself losing repeatedly, it becomes evident that my strategy needs adjustment, and I must incorporate more special power-ups. After all, how can you expect to win without a solid strategy? It’s a no-brainer; you definitely need one.

Whether it’s in games or any aspect of life, if you aim to progress and come out on top, a strong and well-thought-out strategy is essential.


It’s backed by statistics, and there’s even a famous dialogue from the movie “3 Idiots” that echoes this sentiment: “Pursue Excellence and Success will follow.” I can vouch for its truthfulness – it really works!

Constantly obsessing over the scoreboard or worrying about success can actually hinder your progress. Instead, focusing on achieving excellence in whatever you do allows you to concentrate on the task at hand and perform at your best. That’s just the way life goes! So, strive for excellence, and success will naturally follow suit.


I’ve found myself stuck in numerous levels of Candy Crush, and at times, it’s taken me days to overcome them. But the beauty of the game lies in the fact that you must keep trying. Just like in life, it’s all about resilience and perseverance. Persistence truly holds the key to success. If you keep pushing forward, sooner or later, you’re bound to figure it out, whether through sheer determination or a stroke of luck, perhaps even both. This reminds me of my uncle’s incredible journey, from picking food out of garbage bags to eventually dining in fine dining restaurants – a true rags-to-riches story.

There are hidden paths you must seek both in the game and in life. You have to trust that there’s always a way out, leading you to the next level. Just keep playing, and sooner or later, the solution will reveal itself. It’s a valuable lesson to remember – never lose hope and believe in your ability to find a way forward, both in Candy Crush and in your own life’s challenges.

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