A simple guide to purchasing an engagement ring online

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Hey folks, good day. Have you read the news on tighter COVID-19 measures to come into effect from Saturday, 8 May?

For those planning to get married, be aware that marriage solemnisation can still proceed with the 250-attendee cap. However, pre-event testing will be needed if there are more than 50 attendees. The same goes for wedding receptions.

Indeed, this is the “new normal” and not at all a surprise. In fact, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong noted that the authorities might even bring in another “circuit breaker” if the newly announced restrictions aren’t able to bring down COVID-19 community cases.

Individuals who are thinking of popping the question might want to plan ahead to get their engagement rings in time for that unique proposal. Here’s a simple guide to purchasing one online.

Choosing the right jeweller
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An engagement ring is for a lifetime, and it’s essential to choose the right jeweller to help make your dreams come true.

This is the perfect time to put on your researcher cap and start reading reviews. Googling the jeweller’s shop name will showcase testimonials, and all the good and bad opinions shared on social media platforms.

Also, head to the shop’s website and see if you can find contact details or arrange an online video call to speak with the experts. Observe if they are prompt with their replies and go the extra mile to provide a detailed explanation to your questions.

Sizing and budget
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Once you’ve chosen the jeweller you can trust, it’s time to consider the next steps to purchase your ideal engagement ring.

When it comes to sizing, using a universal sizing system can be safe, but there are always risks since variations are unavoidable. Considering that this is an online purchase and you can’t try it out physically in stores, you should find out the shop’s resizing policy.

Kate Furman, a jeweller and designer, shares that wider bands will fit more tightly than thinner ones, so that’s something to keep in mind. It’s also worth noting that rings with gems around the loop may need to be remade to alter the sizing.

To work your way around this bump, visit a physical jewellery store to find out the exact size. Or you may also try out a similar-style ring to observe the fit.

Also, a big question to ask yourself is the budget you have in mind. Most individuals are okay to spend about two months’ salary on an engagement ring, but ultimately, it’s a personal decision. As such, do what is most sound for you financially.

Furman said that the quality, craftsmanship, technical skills, and materials would affect the price range. Look at your list of shortlisted ring designs and ask questions to understand the mechanics behind their price tags.

Custom designs online
drawing of a customised ring

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Sometimes, it’s impossible to find a ready-made design that hits the sweet spot. Frankly speaking, that’s alright since customisation options are available. But what you want to do is work with the designer directly to ensure no misinterpretation over the consultation process.

Remember also to check the measurements thoroughly as custom items are usually non-returnable and non-refundable.

“Jewelry is often measured in millimeters. If you cannot picture the size, find a device to measure it against your own hand. You do not want to be surprised that it is smaller or larger than you expected it to be when it arrives,” Furman recommends.

Don’t rush the process and take time to consider the range of online jewellers out there before placing an order. Have a successful proposal and a blessed marriage to come!

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