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Incredible Saving Tips That You Must Know Before Buying An Engagement Ring

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Take A Chance On The Pawn Shops

In a gloomy night in November, my friend proposed to his long-term girlfriend. The surprise does not stop there as they are expecting an adorable edition to their family. Due to the urgency of the situation and his tight budget, he considered purchasing from the pawn shops along the Little India. The varying rates of the rings here are slightly lower than those offered by the chain jewellers. He grabbed this opportunity ferociously!

You see, unlike some Singaporeans, my friend is not superstitious. He does not believe that purchasing a second-hand ring can induce bad luck. It is a surefire way to stretch your dollar if you hold the same perspective as him.

Negotiate With The Craftsman

I cannot deny the fact that going to a commercial jeweler follows a swifter process. You simply have to step inside the likes of “Love & Co.” and “Lee Hwa Jewellery” and purchase a ring right away. However, convenience comes with a hefty price tag. Consider buying personalized rings from local or online craftsman.

Negotiate with the jeweler and ask if he or she is willing to change the settings of your desired ring. Settings include the 4C’s: carat, cut, color, and clarity.

Opt For The Color Yellow

Different hues grace the very essence of the diamond rings. Since colored diamonds are extremely rare, they are priced handsomely. The supply and demand dictates the varying prices of the said fancy colored diamonds. There is still hope for your pocket as the least popular hues are less expensive.

This is why you must go for the most underrated colors such as Grey, Brown, and Orange. Asians shy away from Yellow diamonds due to the common misconception that it does not suit our skin tones. Try out intense and fancy Yellow diamonds first before believing the majority. Do not be too quick to judge!

Use Your Beneficial Card

Subscribing to the “married club” entails costs that exceed thousands of dollars. How often will this happen to you? Well, you better maximize your purchase! Get as many discounts or rebates as possible by charging your engagement ring in your credit card.

For instance, you may use your American Express True Cashback Card. It offers 3% cashback on the first S$5,000 that you spend. And, there is no limit on your earnings. Isn’t that amazing?

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May these tips help you to save enough money to buy your dream engagement ring. The only thing that you may worry about is your ability to gather your guts in order to ask one of the most significant questions in your life.

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