6 Helpful Tips To Put A Halt On Impulsive Purchases

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As you dig thru the pile of the items that you regret purchasing, you realize that you have one recurring problem. You keep on engaging on impulse purchases! Your credit cards do not seem to help you either. Instead, it invites you to shop more as if it calls out your name.

How can you reduce this tendency to shop without forethought? Well, start by planning ahead.


When it comes to eliminating your unwanted expenses, it pays to plan ahead. Make a list of all the items that you need to purchase before shopping. Make it a habit to plan for upcoming occasions, birthdays, and other large purchases.

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Equipping yourself with this list as you shop around ensures that your purchases are more deliberate and less spontaneous. Furthermore, you may anticipate the upcoming clearance sales and other promotions.


Take control over your shopping habits by monitoring your urges. Using a piece of paper or your handphone’s notes, mark each time you experience the urge to purchase. Describe the situation and the feelings attached to it. This helps you to increase your awareness while you shop.

Be aware of the different symptoms such as faster heart rate or a change in breathing. Becoming more aware of the changes in your body and mind can help you control the urge.


You heard about contemplating for 24 hours before committing to a purchase. However, have you heard about the 30-day waiting period? Yes! You read that right. Stick your wish-list on your refrigerator and put a date to each item. You must wait for a month before making a purchase.

The mechanics may sound easy, but it takes a lot of patience and self-control to overcome the urge at first. These feelings are valid and can fade soon. You will take delight sketching out items off the list! The only exemptions to the 30-day period are groceries and other necessities.


A surefire-way to reduce your impulse buys is to avoid going to shopping areas or shopping websites. Do not even go to dollar or budget stores as you might get trap in the process.

When purchasing, follow a list religiously. Get out as quickly as you can afterwards. Avoid walking around the shopping center for entertainment and find other ways to stimulate fun.


Trimming down your expenses does not mean that you have to take out the fun. Give yourself a “splurge budget” that you can follow thru each month.

Decide whether you are willing to allot a budget for a new clothing item or a fancy restaurant date each month. Whatever it is, ensure that you are willing to spend a discretionary amount every once in a while. Take it as a way to reward yourself for straightening your finances. It is healthier that way!


Surrounding yourself with people who are addicted to retail therapy may not be the best idea. It is easy to get out of track when your shopping buddies convince you that all the outfits you have tried looks great!

Image Credits: pixabay.comIf you want to shop with your friends, do it with people who have savvy spending habit. This way, you will be able to tell spend your money in a frugal manner.

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