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4 Futuristic Products That Are Worth Your Bucks

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Maximize your life with these futuristic products and gadgets that are available now…


Getting tired of those smelly socks? Well, Y Athletics is a game changer! Y Athletics pioneered the SilverAir Socks, which are high performance sports socks made with pure silver and merino wool. The same material is used by astronauts in their space suits! Isn’t that fantastic? It comes with various colors such as Jet Black, Graphite Grey, Electric Blue, Sedona Red, Ithaca Green, and Glacier White.

You may pre-order now at US$18 (about S$25) as the retail price will be US$22. Every three pairs of socks come with a beautiful travel case.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to scribble something in the air and make it come to life? 3Doodler pen is making that happen! Simply trace or wave your fingers in the air with the 3Doodler 2.0. pen. With over 65 available colors, the possibilities are endless! Furthermore, you may check out the community page for free downloadable stencils and inspirations.

Order yours today at US$99 (about S$137) per piece.


Wouldn’t it be nice to play your tunes at a well-lit room? Mipow had that in mind when they made the PLAYBULB Lite. PLAYBULB Lite is a LED lightbulb with Bluetooth speaker. It is ideal for dormitories, apartments, and condominiums. Its LED power is 3W while its voltage is 50-60Hz. Get yours at US$39.99 (about S$56) each!

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Gorgeous and brilliant, Glow uses state of the art technology and Corning Fibrance to make the brightest headphones in the world! Glow Headphones pulsates to the beat of your playlist by using its laser lights. Also, you may control the laser intensity by using the Glow App on your iOS or Android device. Take control of your rhythm by pre-ordering one at US$169 (about S$235).



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