Four Ways To Cultivate The Winning Mindset

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Known for its prestige and diversity, the 2020 Summer Olympics is an ongoing international multi-sport event. It is currently being held from 23 July to 8 August in Tokyo, Japan. The Olympic athletes that represent their countries are no strangers to pressure. These athletes spend almost their entire lives to train for their events. Can you imagine their overwhelming emotions moments before the competition with the world watching their every move?

Olympic athletes know that challenges and setbacks are natural parts of life. However, the way we handle stress sets us apart. Physical training and mental toughness are crucial to success. Fortunately for us, mental toughness can be developed over time.

On that note, here are some strategies that you can employ to cultivate the “winning mindset”.


Olympian and Sports Psychologist Nicole Forrester studied how some Olympic athletes achieve their aspirations while others fall short. She observed that differences appear through mental skills training. She describes mental skills as the key to help athletes elevate confidence, manage stress, and block distractions. In fact, mindset was listed as the reason why Canada’s swimmer Penny Oleksiak secured the Olympic gold medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

“If you dream and you allow yourself to dream, you can do anything.” – Clara Hughes, one of Canada’s most decorated Olympians


Do not rely on talent alone. Steve Canal, author of The Mind of a Winner, once said: “We all are good at something, but a winning mindset understands that the difference between making it a hobby, or a business is the discipline and work you put behind it.” Growing your talents involve discipline and hard work. You need to pour your attention and efforts to improving and applying the talents that you have.

Consistent top performers do not rely on mere talents. They continuously work on their craft and investigate their weaknesses. Then, they find ways to target and improve these weaknesses.


To become successful, you must be aware of the factors that involve your path. Moreover, you must be willing to pour all your resources to achieve it. You need to create a strong momentum to keep developing a winning mindset.

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This momentum can start by having a great purpose. For instance, a businessman can stay motivated by the idea that achieving a specific goal would help the business flourish.

“This moment is not about me, it’s really for my country, it’s about all my coaches, my friends, my family that believed that when I was a six-year-old kid that I could do it.” – Joseph Schooling, Singaporean swimmer & Olympic athlete


No matter how strongly you envision something, you cannot think your way to success. You must act! Many business leaders spend their time analyzing their next move that they become risk-adverse and stagnant. As a result, these people can miss out opportunities to learn from their mistakes. Innovation and upgrades are necessary to keep up with the contemporary world.

Pushing yourself beyond your perceived limitations will help you become a better (tougher) version of yourself. After all, most winners take risks and step out of their comfort zones.

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Remember that winning mindsets are not innate. They are developed!

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