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Possessions vs Experiences: Where Should You Spend Your Money?

Congratulations! You have survived one of the most challenging years of your life – 2020. As a reward, you may either purchase new possessions or new experiences. Personally, I saved up enough money to purchase a Nintendo Switch Lite. My hesitations rose as January 2021 came. I realized that I want to spend this amount on experiences instead. Surely, I will spend numerous hours on playing it for the first few weeks. However, happiness attached to things fade quickly. Instead,


Personal Finance

How To Create Abundance In Your Life

In observation of quarantine or social distancing, I joined a Meditation group. This group highlighted the importance of visualizing abundance in your life. Abundance, according to the Cambridge dictionary, can be defined as a situation in which there is more than enough of something. Your perception of abundance depends on your currency. Is owning several cars your definition of abundance? Or, perhaps abundance comes from being able to provide for your family? Bringing abundance into your life is more than



How To Start Investing With S$100 A Month

Oh, adulting! It comes in a slate of responsibilities thrown at a person all at the same time. To survive the challenges of life, one must establish a healthy savings plan. Long-term savings include having an insurance policy, a good credit score, and an emergency fund. Many people grow their savings thru investing. Investing is an overwhelming idea for many Singaporeans as they perceive it to be expensive. Few people outside the financial industry have thought of investing their money


Marriage & Family

Budget-Friendly Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life

Does money and partnership mix well in the game of love? I have to admit, intimacy can be expressed in different ways. Some people showcase their affection through the money and the gems it can buy. Nonetheless, your financial well-being affects your intimate relationship. Put a spotlight on your finances to increase your bond this 2020. PAY YOURSELF FIRST Much has been said about loving oneself first, before loving another. I cannot stress how your capacity to love affects the


Travel & Entertainment

How To Carry Foreign Currency When Traveling

Armed with a debit card and a stack of American dollars, my significant other and I went on a vacation recently. We needed to unwind as we take a step back from the hustle and bustle of the city. One thing is for sure! It was a good idea for us to research on how to carry foreign currency in a country we have not been before. Consider the following methods to safely convert your money to foreign currency while