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Wanna Be Self-Employed? Here’s 5 Realistic Jobs That Can Transform You Into Boss

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If you give yourself an opportunity to freelance or by being your own boss, you may be able to do the things you love and get paid for it. Also, you can have the freedom to design a schedule that works for you and still be able to nurture your loving children!

Yes! Sometimes, stepping out of the cubicle to be a self-determining entrepreneur or a freelance worker gives you the opportunity to find yourself while bringing money in the bank. Nonetheless, it will give you self-benefiting outcomes. Start with these 5 jobs that take purposeful risks…


Do you love to make cupcakes, jewelry, or essence oils? Turn your hobby into your own business. Be your own boss by thinking about your skill set and hobbies then, start making an online business out of it. Popular platforms for selling or making your own online shop such as: Carousell and Tictail, are available for free. Furthermore, these platforms have a growing following of audience or customers already.


Sales representatives or brand ambassadors sell household, beauty, or health products in their own ways. Join millions of independent ambassadors of Herbalife or MaryKay worldwide by visiting their respective websites. Here are added information that you can benefit from:

a. Herbalife : website here!

b. Mary Kay: website here!


If you enjoy writing or sharing your ideas then, becoming a blogger might just be for you. There are many ways to monetize a blog such as advertising, memberships, selling books, product affiliations, becoming speakers, and so on.

A blog may lead to success with a combination of hard-work (e.g., countless hours of writing articles and editing videos), networking during events, media affiliations, luck, and building a fan base. A job as a full-time blogger can be so persistent in your life that you can be working everyday without noticing it!


In general, Financial Consultants or Financial Advisors are professionals who guide their clients to manage their money, investment options, and asset relocation. But, what they do is far more complex than that. A career as a Financial Consultant gets to enjoy the flexible working hours and the privilege to get the job incentives.

It involves a lot of paperwork, preparation, and building relationships. It can not only be challenging as they face a lot of rejection but also rewarding as they see their clients improving their monetary lifestyle. There is a job growth in this field as long as you go through continuous training with determination and openness.


Early this year, a young property agent by the name of Shirley Seng sold a penthouse in Le Nouvel Ardmore for S$51 million. With that, she gained a commission of a whopping S$1.5 million! It’s like winning the jackpot!

Image Credits: (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Image Credits: (License: CC0 Public Domain)

Truly, the top richest people in Singapore have been involved in either the property business or the property development. But, what is a property agent exactly? A property or a real-estate agent is someone who arranges the selling, renting, and management of properties. So, be prepared to be creative in your marketing strategies and to be able to build a good network of people to aid in financial crises.

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