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5 Valuable Tips To Help You Succeed As A Freelancer

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Due to the effects of the recent pandemic, companies began to hire more contract workers over full-time employees. The “freelance economy” became a viable option for many Singaporeans. However, with many freelancers in the market, it is harder to stand out.

Much of the freelancer’s income depends on his or her reputation and capability to fulfill the customer’s request. Here are some valuable tips to get an online job if you want to stay in the game for a long time.


Knowing yourself means recognizing different parts of your personality such as your strengths and weaknesses. The goal is not to criticize yourself, but to acknowledge where you need to improve and where you can excel. Be honest about your capacity to commit time, your home situation, and your attitude towards deadlines.

Some people look for a 9-to-5 job while others need more freedom. Some people prefer working with a team while others prefer working on their own. Find out who you really are to know who to work with.


Freelancers are project-based workers. This means that they can work anytime, as long as they finish their tasks. The downside is, they do not earn money when they do not have projects. The influx of projects is influenced by the season. For instance, you can feel an abundance of work during special events or holidays.

It is essential that you save money to cover the periods when you do not have a pipeline of projects coming your way. This way, you will be able to cover your bills and other expenses.


Entering the freelancing world is not easy. The competition is high! Making a name for yourself can be challenging. Thus, you must use social media or other websites to market yourself.

The key to success is being active in these platforms and having an attractive profile where your information as a freelancer can be retrieved. Samples, testimonies, and feedbacks from your past clients will make a big difference.


There are three main channels where you can get clients. These channels are inbound, outbound, and referrals. Inbound refers to using methods such as content marketing or search engine optimization (SEO) to attract potential clients. Outbound refers to reaching out to potential clients by sending emails, responding to job advertisements, and so on. Lastly, referrals refer to having clients recommend you by word-of-mouth.

Many freelancers focus on networking with prospective clients only. However, you can establish referral partnerships with businesses, entrepreneurs, and other freelancers. Having a wide referral network will help you gain more access to different clients.


Spend some time researching the market to discover online portfolios and to see what others are doing. Find out the supplementary skills that they have to improve yourself and your career (e.g., photography, video editing, or podcast creation).

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Grasp a bigger picture of what your competitors are doing and how much they are charging. This is vital in evaluating how much your service is worth. Set a reasonable price list afterwards.

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