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These are the downsides of traveling you should be aware of

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You can retreat through travel.

Occasionally, you just need to go away, whether it’s from a toxic relationship, a job you despise, or simply a monotonous, inactive lifestyle.

Yes, a change of environment can help you get over fatigue or melancholy, and being far away from the mess or stress factor might help you see it from a different perspective. But there’s no disputing that a coin always has two sides.

As the world opens up and people are packing their suitcases, these are the downsides of traveling you should be aware of.


Flights and accommodation can be costly unless you are willing to compromise with your trip dates and sacrifice your schedule and convenience. Another factor to bear in mind is that pricing for essential items like food, lodging, and transportation can change significantly from what we’re used to in sunny Singapore.

Jet lags

While many individuals mistake jet lag for just being extremely sleepy, it is a condition that occurs when your innate body clock becomes out of rhythm as a result of traveling across time differences. Jet lag can cause sleepiness or irritability, as well as difficulty resting sufficiently for some folks. Your body system may experience upsets as a result of this.

Health issues
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Though it can occur anywhere else in the universe, it occurs far more frequently when abroad. The explanation for this is that we are constantly confronted with new stimuli, which weakens our resistance to infection. Traveling exposes us to germs and viruses from all over the world, some of which are not exactly pleasant.

Disrupted routines

When you’re at home, your day has a set schedule and direction. You know what to anticipate and appreciate consistency. Traveling, unfortunately, is a fantastic way to disrupt this. And perhaps that’s a beneficial move… after all, we could do with a little spice now and then, yeah?

But what if you have strict dietary restrictions to keep up with? Or perhaps require certain hours of snooze to perform adequately? Norms and behavioral patterns can be beneficial at times, though we easily take them for granted. But because of the volatility and uncertainty of travel, comforting routines can be tough to maintain.

Traveling, without a doubt, aids in the expansion of perspectives while also allowing people to understand more about diverse cultures. We recognize, nevertheless, that travel, with its various uncontrollable circumstances, may sometimes be somewhat of a headache for some. If you’re still excited to plan that forthcoming trip, despite the drawbacks we’ve discussed in this article, go ahead! Just be sure to research in-depth before stepping into foreign lands. COVID-19 has changed the world very much, so unless you tread with an open mind, you might be rudely shocked to see the changes.

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