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5 Sneaky Tricks Advertisers Use To Get Your Money

Subliminal messages exist for a reason. You see, most of our decisions are made on an unconscious level. This means that our behaviors are influenced by our wishes, interests, and motivations. Say that you have been scrolling freely thru your Instagram feed and you saw a fast food ad. Days later, you caught yourself craving for a delicious cheeseburger. Hidden persuasions are the driving force behind advertising. And, these persuasions happen more often than you think! On that note, here



How To Fool Yourself Into Saving Money

If money could talk, my wallet would be having a farewell party. I am not exaggerating! The weight of the Yuletide Season has been hard on my budget. You see, we are constantly bombarded with flashy sales and social gatherings. The materialistic temptations becomes harder to resist due to the year-end bargains. Not to mention, the convenience of swiping a credit card makes spending easy! Fortunately for you, there are other strategies that you can employ to save money. See


Marriage & Family

How To Survive Awkward Holiday Gatherings

This is the season when party invitations pour in. From family gatherings to company celebrations, the holiday cheer assails you from every angle. Not everyone holds the cheerful tune in the same manner. If you have social anxiety or have a tendency to be awkward during parties, then you are not alone. Many people experience “holiday anxiety”. Here are some ways to deal with it… #1: EMBRACE THE SMALL TALK Whether you like it or not, small talk is the


Personal Finance

How To Become A Money Magnet

Equipped with a best-selling spirituality book, you realized that there was a secret to cultivating the life you want. I know how bizarre this sounds, but hear me out! Rhonda Byrne, The Secret’s author, claims that our thoughts can influence the world we live in. This concept of manifesting destiny is called “Law of Attraction”. According to this concept, investing positive energy and belief can lead to a desired outcome. In contrast, negative thoughts may attract negative outcomes. Similar to


Career and Enterprising

Thrive In The Workplace With These Personality Traits

When applying for a position, professional success and industry experience are merely parts of what the hiring manager wants to see. Elements which are harder to show are crucial for landing the job! I am referring to the personality traits that make you a good fit for the company. Keeping the job with these personality traits is another story! #1: INTEGRITY It goes without saying that upholding moral principles is a desirable quality in the workplace. Hence, some hiring managers