Why Do People Think That You’re Poor?

Whether it is the way you dress up or the way you carry yourself, people are usually quick to judge whether you are wealthy or not. I vividly recall the time when my university friend asked me hangout. In our tight group, she announced that I should be given the opportunity to choose the restaurant that night. I was flattered at first until she stressed that I was the “poorest” one. I soon realized that the girl was not a


Career and Enterprising

How To Be A Positive Influence In The Workplace

There is a considerable amount of weight in Newton’s third Law of Motion. According to him: “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. Simply put, forces always come in pairs! No matter how small your action may be, it can either cause a positive or negative influence in the workplace. Aim to radiate a pleasant effect in the workplace by considering the following ideals: A Two-Way Street Let us start with the basics. Without a shadow of doubt, influence


Marriage & Family

4 Steps To Overcome Family-Related Money Problems

The extent of your economic slowdown may vary from eating out less to changing your living conditions. Parents may not have enough money to put toward rent or school fees. These financial problems can take a toll on one’s mental and physical health. Thus, overcoming said hurdles is important. To tackle these family-centered issues head-on, you must start with these four steps: #1: DETERMINE THE ISSUE/S It goes without saying that it is difficult to defeat the enemies that you


Lifestyle & Hobbies

5 Mind Tricks That Restaurants Employ To Make You Spend

There are important things to consider while designing a new restaurant’s interior and its minor details such as the menu. One thing is for sure – you are building a business to boost your income. You may consider employing these Psychological tricks to help your sales. #1: DROP THE DOLLAR SIGN What I told you that you can entice your customers to spend more with minor alterations? Yes, it is possible! Simply drop the dollar signs found on your menu.


Personal Finance

7 Efficient Ways To Cope With Money Stress

1. Whether it is dealing with your horrific credit card balance or realizing that you are barely crossing retirement, it is important to recognize what causes your anxiety. Spare at least 10 minutes of your time to write down your greatest financial problems at the moment. 2. Avoid making matters worse! Rather than being consumed by your negativity, keep a positive mindset. Your “stress umbrella” decreases as you take necessary actions. Believe that you can do it! 3. If your