Jackson Wang & TEAM WANG Arrive in Singapore

K-Pop sensation Jackson Wang has arrived in Singapore to an enthusiastic crowd of screaming fans. The star arrived in Changi Airport last August 2. He waved, gave out high-fives, and accepted a letter from a fan as he walked out of the Changi Airport Terminal 3 arrival gate.

Wang is a Hong Kong-born singer/songwriter, rapper, and record producer who gained global recognition after debuting with the South Korean boy band Got7 by JYP Entertainment. He is here in the Lion City until August 10 to help promote the SingapoReimagine campaign by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

To top off the celebration, he will host a party in Marquee nightclub at Marina Bay Sands with his record label Team Wang on August 6. This sold-out event is entitled Team Wang Records (Human Remix), which will feature pop and hip hop music.

Other acts that will delight its guests include Marquee’s DJ Fvder, beatboxer Dharni as well as other artists such as Laurie, Xenzu, and Boytoy. This will be the first event hosted by an international artist at Marquee since its opening in 2019.

Image Credits: instagram.com/marqueesingapore/

If you miss out on this event, do not fret! You can catch him in a series of lifestyle vlogs featuring wellness, food, music, as well as arts and culture spots in Singapore. Furthermore, he will open a concept space for his streetwear label – Team Wang Design.

The concept store is open in voco Orchard hotel. The voco Orchard Singapore is under the IHG Hotel umbrella and is located at 581 Orchard Road.


Whether you admire Jackson Wang or not, you can still get a piece of his art through his TEAM WANG Design “MUDANCE” Concept Space. Located at the new upscale hotel voco Orchard Singapore, this free-entry concept space is a treat to the eyes. The theme here is tropical paradise where decorations are decked in floral prints, pink decor, and luscious plants.

This concept space is filled with Team Wang’s newest summer collection. Expect a selection of beachwear in floral prints and clothing pieces in the hues of pink and white.

Running until August 31, this concept space has items for both men and women. You will see some floral shirts, pink tops, jackets, and more. Couples who love to wear matching outfits can surely achieve a flawless #OOTD!

If you are curious to know which pieces are Wang’s favorites, you better take this down. Jackson has revealed that the floral print bikini and pink gradient tank top are his favorites.

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Budget-Friendly Ways To Look Taller

Wearing heeled leather shoes or skyscraper stilettos is not the only solution to a taller figure. Consider these affordable tips:


Image Credits: pixabay.com

When choosing a style for your skirt or dress, A-line is the best way to go. An a-line cut exudes glamour and class that does not require too much fabric. You see, a pleated ball gown can make you appear smaller. A-line garments suit a petite bride better. Guests should put a focus on you and not what you are wearing.


Image Credits: pixabay.com

Dropping by the fitting room to try an article of clothing is a good practice when shopping. Doing so ensures that the clothes you buy fit you perfectly. Choosing clothes that stay close to your body can make you appear taller. In contrast, baggy clothes will stretch the silhouette horizontally and make you seem wider. You do not want that! So, a shorter man must opt for streamlined silhouette.


Image Credits: pixabay.com

As obvious as this may seem, dressing in a monochromatic manner can make you look longer. A head-to-toe outfit in one color won’t be breaking up your body in sections. A single hue will act as a continuous length that keeps on flowing.


Image Credits: pixabay.com

What better way to accompany your a-line skirt than pairing it with a v-neck top? A v-neck top gives an illusion of a longer torso. It does not chop your shoulders away like wearing a tube top. Instead, it creates extra inches with skin exposure. Complete the look with chunky heels, stilettos, or platform sandals.


Image Credits: pixabay.com

Belts and waistcoasts have the same shorterining effect by creating a middle-section of the body. The horizontal line it creates cuts your body in half. It draws attention away from your overall “long” vertical line. After all, you do not need these accessories if your suit is tailored properly to your figure.


Lastly, wearing nude shoes create a leg-lengthening effect. They may have fallen out of the wagon with some of the high-fashion labels, but there is a reason why nude shoes are still popular with the masses. It is timeless.

Image Credits: pixabay.com

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Hack Your Way To A New Wardrobe


What do tank tops and plain shirts have in common? For starters, you typically use these underneath a polo or a blouse. Others can barely see these types of clothing so, why bother with an expensive brand? Stick to purchasing basics in department stores such as John Little. Save the designer labels for the items that you show off!


Image Credits: pixabay.com

When my partner and I were out of activities to do, I convinced him to experience a hunt at a nearby thrift store. Flea shops and thrift stores sell gently used or preloved clothing at incredibly cheaper price tags. Many of these stores offer holiday sales too! I once bought a Zara skirt for S$4. What a steal!

You can purchase an entire outfit for under S$30 at Singapore thrift stores such as New2U Thrift Shop, PraiseHaven Thrift Shop (under Salvation Army), and Something Old Something New. Remember that used clothes must be thoroughly cleaned or sent to the laundromat.


Image Credits: pixabay.com

If you are not comfortable with raiding a stranger’s wardrobe then, try swapping clothes with your friends or family members. I am not saying that you must take advantage of your friends or relatives but, you should tap into each other’s resources to save money. Furthermore, you are contributing to less waste too.

Allow your loved ones to freely choose which clothing items they like from your unused or underused pile. You can do so every quarter or every month. For instance, you may switch your summer clothes every March!


Image Credits: pixabay.com

In 1970, a London boutique coined the term “Capsule Wardrobe”. A Capsule Wardrobe consists of 30 to 37 pieces of clothing that you always wear. It is the minimalist way to downsize your wardrobe and boost your savings. It teaches us to focus on staples and to skip the trends.

A leather pants may be prevelant at Forever 21 or H&M but, constantly keeping up with trends such as this one can poke a hole in your wallet! Purchase items that you can still use in a few years time.

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Is Athleisure Worth Splurging On?

You may have noticed that athleisure is making a huge comeback. It is not just you – athleisure is everywhere! By definition, athleisure is a form of “casual clothing to be worn for exercising and for general use”. Its versatility and comfort paved way for major retailers and specialized companies to invest on this trend.

On that note, here are some of the reasons why you must consider purchasing athleisure clothing articles:


It goes without saying that leaving the house in your sweatpants is comfortable. As far as most Singaporeans are concerned, comfort reigns supreme! We are drawn to athleisure not only because it looks good, but also because it feels good.

Fashion capitals such as New York and Tokyo have embraced this comfortable innovation in the streets and in the catwalks. If you are confident enough to wear your athletic clothing in and out of the gym then, go ahead! Expand your wardrobe by investing on key athleisure pieces.


Mr. Deirdre Clemente, a lecturer at the University of Nevada, once dubbed athleisure as the “new casual”. He was right! While athletic wear is mainly worn for sports, athleisure’s function is way beyond that. Athleisure fuses smart casual with athletic wear. Its versatility is one of the primary reasons why consumers are drawn to it.

Gone are the days when sports gear is exclusively appropriate in the studio. Imagine wearing Jane Fonda’s bold neon suit and bright leggings to a board meeting. Who in the right mind would do that? Fortunately, it is acceptable to wear modern atheleisure (e.g., black yoga pants) without causing anyone to bat an eye!

Image Credits: pixabay.com

The successful fusion between durability, style, and comfort paved way for the social prominence of athleisure.


Athleisure is a globally booming business. Due to its popularity, most major retailers tried to jump on the bandwagon. Notice the increasing number of sports bras and yoga pants in H&M and Cotton On. Do not get me started with Ivy Park – Topshop’s 2016 collaboration with Beyoncé!

Despite the widespread of options, athleisure is a specialized category of clothing. A savvy consumer knows how to filter out the best brands from the duds. Consider investing your money on items produced by the internationally known Lululemon Athletica or by the locally sourced Vivre Activewear.

Image Credits: pixabay.com

Would you believe that my mother’s Lululemon leggings and jacket lasted for about 8 years? Favor trusted brands over cheap retailers to reap similar benefits of longevity and quality.

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Money-Saving Fashion Resolutions You Must Keep


You can recycle your gorgeously patterned old clothes by sewing it into pillowcases or teapot covers. On the flip side, you can accept mint condition hand-me-downs from family and friends especially those who have baby clothes or infant toys. Do not be too picky! These said items are not utilized a lot since babies grow significantly every day anyway.


A surefire way to save money while shopping is to leave your credit cards at home. Only bring the substantial amount of cash you saved up for rewarding yourself. By doing so, you will only be purchasing things you actually afford!


If you are aiming to make your affordable clothes appear lavish, it is best to go for the basics and to avoid handbags or clothes that are filled with bargain embellishments or distressed denim patterns. If you want to accessorize, opt for a thick bracelet rather than stacking three little ones to increase the outfit’s impact. Remember: the sleeker and simpler – the better.


No! This does not involve spending countless hours at the gym. Instead, it involves purchasing the fitting size for your blazers, bras, hats, and so on

Purchasing the right size entails not having to exchange or return the product. Thus, it will save you effort, time and money. Take advantage of the sales employees who are happy to help you as you fit. Once you found the best size and brand to your physique, become a loyalist (e.g., join their loyalty card program) to enjoy discounts and other perks!


Since splashing yourself with every color on the rainbow can look cheap, wear one shade or color from head-to-toe. This creates an illusion of supreme quality. For example, you can wear the different shades of black, from Jet-Licorice, to look slimmer and more fashionable.


Shopping at the right places brings value to your buck! For instance, if you find yourself blessed with a baby this 2016, consider purchasing stylish and inexpensive maternity and nursing clothes from online shops such as Mummy’s Secret and My Little Angels Maternity. Mummy’s Secret, with a price range of S$9.99-30, offers a wide array of youthful-style clothing line that is as cute as those sold in Korean or Japanese shops.


Image Credits: 99ms.com.sg/maternity/maternity-wear

While My Little Angels Maternity offer diaper bags and infant wear with socks as low as S$2.90!

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