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Is Athleisure Worth Splurging On?

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You may have noticed that athleisure is making a huge comeback. It is not just you – athleisure is everywhere! By definition, athleisure is a form of “casual clothing to be worn for exercising and for general use”. Its versatility and comfort paved way for major retailers and specialized companies to invest on this trend.

On that note, here are some of the reasons why you must consider purchasing athleisure clothing articles:


It goes without saying that leaving the house in your sweatpants is comfortable. As far as most Singaporeans are concerned, comfort reigns supreme! We are drawn to athleisure not only because it looks good, but also because it feels good.

Fashion capitals such as New York and Tokyo have embraced this comfortable innovation in the streets and in the catwalks. If you are confident enough to wear your athletic clothing in and out of the gym then, go ahead! Expand your wardrobe by investing on key athleisure pieces.


Mr. Deirdre Clemente, a lecturer at the University of Nevada, once dubbed athleisure as the “new casual”. He was right! While athletic wear is mainly worn for sports, athleisure’s function is way beyond that. Athleisure fuses smart casual with athletic wear. Its versatility is one of the primary reasons why consumers are drawn to it.

Gone are the days when sports gear is exclusively appropriate in the studio. Imagine wearing Jane Fonda’s bold neon suit and bright leggings to a board meeting. Who in the right mind would do that? Fortunately, it is acceptable to wear modern atheleisure (e.g., black yoga pants) without causing anyone to bat an eye!

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The successful fusion between durability, style, and comfort paved way for the social prominence of athleisure.


Athleisure is a globally booming business. Due to its popularity, most major retailers tried to jump on the bandwagon. Notice the increasing number of sports bras and yoga pants in H&M and Cotton On. Do not get me started with Ivy Park – Topshop’s 2016 collaboration with Beyoncé!

Despite the widespread of options, athleisure is a specialized category of clothing. A savvy consumer knows how to filter out the best brands from the duds. Consider investing your money on items produced by the internationally known Lululemon Athletica or by the locally sourced Vivre Activewear.

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Would you believe that my mother’s Lululemon leggings and jacket lasted for about 8 years? Favor trusted brands over cheap retailers to reap similar benefits of longevity and quality.

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