Before You Kick The Bucket, Visit These Beautiful Local Places

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Whether you like it or not, our time on Earth eventually comes to an end. Most people take this as an opportunity to live within their greatest potential. Keeping this mind, you may create a “travel bucket list” filled with the places that you desire to visit before you die (or at least before you turn 60).

You may think that Singapore is exclusively blessed with luxury malls and highly-rated hotels, but there is more to our country than the sheen of wealth. It is surrounded with diverse cultures and a vibrant history that you must discover.

Consider visiting these beautiful places first:


Have a blast from the bygone years by observing how the villagers of the Pulau Ubin live without the glamorous skyscrapers. Pulau Ubin is an island found in the Northeast of Singapore. It is one of the last rural areas in the country with an abundance of fauna and flora. It is a great place to hike, cycle, and experience other outdoor activities. Make sure you pack the best hiking gps for your trip!

You may take a guided tour to explore the picturesque beaches and mangrove areas.


Before the optimum condition of your senses deteriorate due to old age, consider savoring the beauty of treasured artworks by visiting local museums. On the top of my list is none other than Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM). Nestled at the mouth of the Singapore River, ACM will take you on a journey of historical discovery as they preserve the heritage of Asia.

It boasts with about 1,300 artifacts from China, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and West Asia. Upon walking inside its halls last year, I was amazed by the abundance and diversity of the Buddha statues as well as the 12 zodiac animal heads donated by Jackie Chan.

To shake things up, they accompany the permanent exhibits with special exhibits such as the “South Asia and the Islamic World”. You will be glad to know that admission is FREE for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.


Tick one item off your bucket list by conquering your fear of heights!

Take your special someone to a morning hike while watching the sunrise at the MacRitchie Reservoir Park. MacRitchie Reservoir Park houses several long hiking routes including the famous TreeTop Walk. The TreeTop Walk consists of a freestanding suspension bridge that connects two highest points namely: Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalang. This is the first of its kind. You will truly appreciate the unique experience of looking over the variety of plants and animals while being about 25 meters off the ground.


Wouldn’t it be nice to share the stories of how you posed beside all the Merlion statues in Singapore? I am sure that your grandchildren will be fascinated to know that their grandparent stood face-to-face with the nation’s “mythical creature”.

As you may know, the Merlion has the head of the lion and the body of a fish. It is regarded as Singapore’s icon since the 60’s. There are seven Merlion statues built islandwide. Among these is the statue located next to One Fullerton. Take a snap with this water-spouting statue before you walk around Marina Bay.


Recently featured inside the pages of the Louis Vuitton City Guide Singapore, Blue Bali is the closest tropical oasis in the bustling city. The serene place consists of a restaurant and a spa where guests can indulge on contemporary Indonesian cuisine while overlooking the surrounding greenery.

Worry not about breaking the bank as the prices of the meals are reasonable. Mains start from S$16 while the kid’s meals start from S$8.

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What are you waiting for? Tick “urban paradise” off your bucket list.

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