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How To Showcase Your Achievements Without Being A Jerk

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In an effort to avoid sounding like a braggart, many people become overly modest. Keeping mum about your success and minimizing your achievements can be a problem too. You worked so hard to accomplish your book, brand, and so on. Perhaps, you just had a promotion that you do not want to tell anyone. Consequently, they miss out on celebrating an important milestone alongside you.

There are other ways to showcase your achievements without coming off as a jerk. Consider the following tips.


Showing gratitude is one of the ways you can celebrate your achievement gloating. Make it clear that you do not think you deserve prosperity merely because you are a great person. Be truthful when it comes to thanking the people who helped you along the way or the company that gave you the opportunity to grow.


People rarely talk about the sacrifices that come with success. Life is not always filled with rainbows and butterflies. Saying “I barely tried” makes you sound arrogant. When you accomplish something, emphasize on your efforts by saying: “I worked really hard to make this happen”. Listeners will respect your achievements when they know the struggles behind them. Furthermore, they will be able to relate to your stories.


There is no need to belittle others to showcase your status! Leave out the comparisons, as much as possible. Saying statements like: “no one else has made this much sales” or “no one else has achieved this quota” will not elevate your status. Instead, you will just sound arrogant or mean.

If you crossed the marathon and finished in first place, it is alright to say that you came first. However, it is another story if you add things to belittle the second or third placer.


Remember to acknowledge your support system or the team behind your success. Similar to the contents of the acknowledgments in a book, you are not solely responsible for your success. People are more receptive to hearing success stories when credit is given where it is due.


Avoid statements like “I hate to brag…” as it comes off as false humility. Sticking to the facts or being direct is a better way to get your point across.

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Although it can be challenging to truly honor your wins without sounding like a braggart, these tips will help you deliver the facts to your co-workers and your clients without going overboard.

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