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How To Keep Employees Happy And Efficient At The Workplace

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Beyond costly monetary benefits, you can keep your employees happy and productive at the workplace by knowing the underlying factors that induce motivation. Daniel Pink, the renowned author of “Drive” book, highlighted that the three elements of motivation include purpose, autonomy, and mastery.

Applying these elements realistically, here are the three key ways to keep your employees efficient and happy:


Having a meaningful cause larger than oneself drives the deepest motivation. Generation Y employees, in particular, want to feel that their work is making a difference. This is why they are drawn to work or patronize products of TOMS. TOMS is company that equates their sales into helping people in developing countries. For example, whenever they sell a pair of shoes, a new pair of shoes will be given to a needy child.

Even if your company does not include a direct social mission in the system, you must do your best to practice altruism. Have the social responsibility to donate to charity whenever possible.


I am sure that no one enjoys being micromanaged especially in a small business! Employees work happiest and most efficient when they have personal control over the situation as they can freely express their creativity and solve the problems by themselves. When employees feel that they are able to make tangible impact to the company through regular brainstorming, they are more likely to give their all for the company.


Mastery is formed when there is a comprehensive knowledge or skill built in the company. Employers can hone mastery by encouraging further training or education as well as conducting regular performance feedback. A sense of progress in oneself contributes to the inner workplace motivation. Allow your employees to grow by empowering a new responsibility. Everyone wants to feel that they are getting better at things.

Image Credits: AJC via Flickr With Creative Commons License Attribution-ShareAlike

Image Credits: AJC via Flickr With Creative Commons License Attribution-ShareAlike

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