The Risky Assumptions When Planning Your Retirement

Have you ever wondered how much money do we need in our silver years to be able to afford our desired lifestyles? Most adults would be relying solely on their CPF funds to finance their retirement. Asset-rich but cash poor retirees could be thinking of renting their HDB flats out to supplement their retirement funds. There are indeed several ways to build up our retirement income. However, we must be mindful of avoiding some of the dangerous assumptions when planning for our retirement.

Oversight To Account For Inflation

Inflation can have a big impact on retirees even if they have been historically low. According to Monetary Authority of Singapore, Singapore’s historical core inflation averaged an annual 1.7% since 1990. While 1.7% per annum may not appear alarming, it will compound to a staggering 66% over a span of 30 years! If you are a retiree receiving a fixed amount of stipend, the value of your money will decrease with each passing year. Hence, your retirement funds will be eroded by inflation if they are not carefully managed. Unfortunately, inflation does not stop just because you have stopped working. Therefore, it becomes important that your investment grow at rates that are at least equal or better than the rate of inflation to protect the value of your retirement funds. How do we then continue to enjoy the taste of life at our retirement years without feeling the pinch of inflation, especially when we have stopped working and receiving salaries?

Reliance on Rental Income From Property

Some adults plan to rely on rental income from investment properties to supplement their retirement funds. However, with the recent cooling measures announced in July 2018, investing in a second residential property is increasingly out of reach for most working adults.

Some retirees might be thinking of renting out the vacant rooms in their HDB flat especially as their children gradually might have left the home that they grew up in. However, this option comes with its own set of inconveniences. It could take a couple of months before a tenant can be found. There is also the administrative hassle of providing tenant’s details to HDB for record-keeping. Of course, all these pale in comparison to stories of horror tenants who damage the HDB flat or are tardy in their rental payments. In such circumstances, renting out their HDB flats may not be the best option to supplement your retirement income.

CPF LIFE Alone Might Be Insufficient

For a retiree who sets aside the maximum Enhanced Retirement Sum (S$271,500), the monthly payout from CPF LIFE is expected to be about $2,000 per month. If this amount is sufficient to pay for your daily expenses during your retirement, then this is definitely a good safety net for you to rely upon. However, it is not true that all Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents can depend on their CPF funds to finance their retirement entirely. In fact, it is widely reported that almost 4 in 10 CPF Accounts do not even have enough funds to meet the Basic Retirement Sum. For the group of retirees who do not generate enough funds from their CPF LIFE payouts, it is necessary to generate extra income from alternative sources such as investments.

Future-proof Your Retirement Funds With The AIA Retirement Saver (III)

Given that young professionals lead hectic lifestyles, they may not have the time and energy to plan for their eventual retirement. Yet, planning ahead to future proof our retirement is essential and the AIA Retirement Saver (III) is one of the ways to do that. The AIA Retirement Saver (III) is a simple and hassle-free retirement solution which provides a guaranteed stream of retirement income for 15 years. Your hard-earned savings is safely secured since the capital is guaranteed; you will get back every dollar that you contributed at your desired retirement age. On top of that, you will receive potential monthly dividends which could help to cushion the impact of inflation. Premium payment duration is also flexible; single lump sum, 5 years, 10 years or simply pay till your desired retirement age – 55, 60, 65 or 70. It is easy to get started because no medical underwriting and check-up is required. In essence, the AIA Retirement Saver (III) is truly an easy and stress-free solution tailored to any individual retirement plan.

Conquer The Uncertainty & Plan For Your Desired Retirement

With the AIA Retirement Saver (III) solution, individuals can cast aside their retirement worries as their savings will be in the good hands of professionals. The AIA Retirement Saver (III) can be an additional pillar to supplement your retirement funds. As it can be tailored to maintain the purchasing power of your retirement funds, you can be assured that you will still be able to enjoy your desired lifestyle during your twilight years. Don’t leave your retirement to uncertainty. You can certainly plan for the uncertainty by taking action now.


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