6 Tried & Tested Tips To Save Money On Shopee Singapore

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E-commerce became a staple part of our lives due to the aftermath of the global pandemic. Personally, I only understood the Shopee craze in the recent months. Shopee is a Singaporean multinational technology company, which focuses on e-commerce.

For those who are not familiar with Shopee, it is an online marketplace that can be accessed through their website or their app. What separates it from the rest of the e-commerce websites is its interactive platform.

Save more money on your next Shopee shopping by following these tips.


Sometimes, Shopee vouchers may require you to use its digital wallet called ShopeePay. ShopeePay often offers a higher percentage of cashback compared to non-ShopeePay vouchers.

If you are skeptical about using ShopeePay, you can simply transfer the exact amount you need for payment. ShopeePay lets you withdraw the leftover cash back into your bank account directly in case there are leftover funds.


For those who are not familiar with the event sales, online marketplaces have monthly sales on dates like 8.8 or 11.11. On top of the regular sales during occasions such as Christmas, you can enjoy discounted items with additional cashback in the form of exclusive Shopee vouchers.

Not to mention, Flash deals also occur during this period. It is up to you to make the best purchase for your family. The August sale is on 8.8, which is Shopee’s National Day sale.


If you want to invest on authentic products from your favorite brands such as Olay, adidas, or Samsung, you can go to the Shopee Mall. The Mall is a dedicated space that allows its users to request for a free return of product within its allowed period. It has a free shipping option too, which you can get if you meet the shop’s minimum spending requirements.


Look out for the Flash deals that happen throughout the day. These deals offer incredible discounts with products costing as low as S$0.50. As these are usually hourly sales, you can set reminders within the Shopee app.

Several stores (including big name brands) have constant deals too. Just click the dedicated deals section on the stores’ pages.


Vouchers replenish daily. Claim your vouchers to your heart’s content. Brands offer exclusive vouchers such as free delivery with a minimum amount of spending. You can follow these shops to get updated. Just remember to avail and apply the free delivery vouchers.

Best of all? Users are allowed to apply multiple vouchers upon check out. Enjoy more discounts when you apply the vouchers. You can claim as early as 12 AM.


As I was looking for an arts and crafts activity online, I was mesmerized with the colorful beads in the Diamond painting. Diamond painting is a new arts and crafts activity that fuses the dynamics of Paint By Numbers and Cross-stitch. It uses beads that correspond to numbers or symbols on the canvas. Since I am a beginner, I opt to search for affordable practice kits on Shopee. Two shops offer the cheapest prices. I decided to compare these two by clicking the “Add to Cart” button.

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When you sort your results by price, the lower priced items will appear on top. Naturally, you will gravitate towards the cheapest ones. However, you must include the costs of shipping fee. The product price may be cheaper, but it could end up more expensive when you factor in the shipping fee. For instance, I can buy a cheaper Diamond painting kit in an overseas shop, but it will cost me more due to international shipping rates. Some merchants offer lower shipping fee or provide free shipping so, get the total cost of the purchase.

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