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Desk To Success: 7 Feng Shui Tips For The Workplace 

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To widen your knowledge, I am introducing the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui. Feng Shui believes that everything in a person’s surrounding environment affects his or her inner life. Arranging one’s space can optimize his or her harmony with the universe.

Unfavorable effects should be taken into account when designing buildings or desks. Placement of objects in a room, building, or desk will affect the flow of chi or the essential energy within the space. Let the good chi radiate your desk with these tips…


As cliche as this may sound, putting a family picture on your desk can help flourish your relationship with your family. Feng Shui principles suggest that you must put it on the left center of your desk. Amp up the positive energy by putting the picture in a wooden frame.

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Listen to my instructions as prosperity has a particular arrangement. Go to the back left corner of your desk. This spot represents abundance. Attract money by placing a money or jade plant here. If you do not have a green thumb, opt for placing a valuable item such as a jar filled with loose change. You may place your well-functioning computer here.


Feng Shui principles are not limited to plants or frames! You may attract productiveness by choosing the proper lighting fixtures. Lighting will make your eyes less tired and make you feel less stressed out. Steer away from fluorescent lights can make your eyes sore. If you are stuck with these lights in your office, think about replacing them with table lamps or full-spectrum lights.


Dating is a crucial part of our society. Just take a look at how modern technology re-invented the dating platform (swipe left). As a young adult, I have been asked by many people to help them find suitable mates. Inversely, I have been asked to take their friends or relatives out on a date.

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To attract a little love of your own, you may place fresh flowers on the back right corner of your desk. Flowers are believed to attract romance and luck.


It goes without saying that clutter causes fatigue. Having a mountain of files, garbage, and other documents on your desk can prevent you from getting the work done. Adding “sticky notes” on your desk can get more distracting, to say the least.

Clutter symbolizes anything unfinished, unresolved, tolerated, or disorganized in Feng Shui. If you have a messy and stinky desk, take a few minutes to clean it immediately. Doing so will help you increase your output and make you seem more approachable.


There is a fine line between exuding the approchable vibe and the lack of privacy. Having glass walls on your office can make you more accoountable for your actions. Thus, it will help with your productivity. This is especially helpful to people who have poor self-discipline.

On the other hand, glass walls gives a vulnerability that is only corrected by the protection of blinds. having blinds provides you an option of maximizing your privacy.


As I have mentioned above, Feng Shui is all about the arrangement of items inside your space. To attract as much prosperity as possible, it is recommended to place your desk directly opposite the front door. If you do not have a private office, try to orient your desk to face the main door. This is a commanding position that offers protection.

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Say that your boss is not onboard with this change. Try putting a small mirror on your desk to reflect the office’s entrance. The principles of Feng Shui highlights that this arrangement symbolizes the opportunities that you will invite in the long run. You have to be able to notice the opportunities in order to seize them!

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