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5 Habits That Reek “Unprofessionalism” In The Workplace

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Being successful in your field takes constant sacrifices and conscious effort. With all the things that you have invested, do not let these unprofessional habits drag you down.


Many Singaporeans tend to mind their own business. There is nothing wrong about that as we just value our own privacy. However, it can be harmful if you translate the “lone wolf habit” in a collaborative workplace. The lone wolf habit occurs when you prefer to accomplish tasks on your own rather than doing it swiftly as a team.

Say you are a part of the marketing department. You must communicate with the client as well as you teammates in order to minimize errors and to achieve satisfaction. You will not achieve the client’s vision if you called the shots for everything. Not only does this habit influence your professional reputation, but it may also lower your risk of getting a promotion.


There is a practical reason why the broadened Road Traffic Act includes the utilization of the hand-phone while driving. Under it, motorists caught using any mobile devices while the vehicle is moving will be violating the law. Accident prevention is the practical reason. You see, the act of juggling two or more things can deteriorate your concentration. It is best if you exhaust all your senses into one task at a time. The same idea can be applied in the workplace.

Browsing with your laptop, messaging your friends, or checking your social media during a meeting sends the wrong signal to your boss. It conveys that you are not interested with the important matter at hand. Pay attention instead.


In 2015, a local article featured a story about a man who suffered from a mental breakdown due to the constant bullying in the workplace. Mr. Kenny Leong was previously shunned by his boss and co-workers due to his physical characteristics (e.g., being soft-spoken and having gentle gestures). In most places that he worked at, he was labelled with terms such as “Chao Ah Gua (slang for effeminate)” or “Woman”. Can you see how the constant exposure to bullying affected him?

Well…Mr. Leong is not alone! Surprisingly, statistics have shown that 1 in 4 Singaporeans have suffered from workplace bullying with the top aggressors being their bosses (62%) and their clients (21%). Unprofessional habits such as name-calling and spreading rumors can cause deterioration in work performance as well as mental distress.

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Remaining calm during stressful situations is one of the abilities that you need to master in life. However, it is easier said than done. Not everybody was wired to have the patience of a preschool teacher!

Consumed by stress, you can display unpleasant behaviors ranging from spewing an audible sigh to purposefully hitting a co-worker. These said behaviors may develop a pattern in the long run. Imagine turning into the “Incredible Hulk” whenever you are faced with heated moments. There can only be one end result for your temper outburst – getting fired.


Tear-jerking stories of alcoholism, extramarital affair, or bankruptcy are fascinating twists in movies and television series. But, these problems have no place in the office! Your boss does not need to know about your outstanding student loans. Your co-workers do not have to listen to you while you argue with your spouse on the phone.

Regularly bringing your personal issues in the workplace implies that you have a problem with establishing boundaries. Save the heart pounding drama for your trusted confidants and close family members. Only discuss these matters outside of work.

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What other unprofessional habits are common in the Singaporean workplace, or any workplace for that matter? Feel free to share your thoughts in the section below.

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