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5 Entirely Free Ways To Maximize Your Small Flat

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Flats ranging from 45 to 110 square meters are popular among the Singaporean masses. These spaces may be considered as tiny to some people. But, small is highly subjective (besides my height). Making your space livable comes down on how well you can divide the function of your rooms or how well you can store your things.

On that note, here are 5 Entirely Free Ways To Maximize Your Small Flat:


Avoid spending hundreds of dollars on a bedside or coffee table by using an old trunk. Ask your mother and other relatives if they have a trunk to spare. A trunk not only provides an additional storage space, but it also acts as a neat conversation starter.

It is recommended to place the trunk in the living room or in an accessible area. Put all your DVD collection, magazines, console controllers, and games inside the trunk. This way, you do not have to “flip your home” when the guests arrive.


Visual distractions give off an illusion of bigger space. Welcome the beaming rays of the sun by keeping the curtains open. Then, you may disrupt the unified order of your furniture by fixing them diagonally. The diagonal order can help to make room for more.

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Until you can realistically afford a spacious flat, you must mold your rooms to a variety of purposes. Your clutter-free dining table can double as a home office. While, your living room can transform into a play area for your children. Do not forget to store the toys in a single box after using it.


In contrast with massive spaces, you can easily notice the clutter exposed in smaller spaces. Why is this so? For starters, you can discretely put away your unwanted items in various shelves. You cannot do that with limited spaces!

Smaller spaces take less time to clean. That is the upside! Get things in order by allocating at least one hour each week. Make this an automatic cleaning regimen so, you can have the rest of your time to relax.


Say your next stage in renovation is choosing the colors of your walls. Consider the underlying mechanics of Color Psychology. Unified color scheme helps to maximize your space as it creates a relatively “open” look. When your walls are divided by several colors, people can easily spot the “start” and “end”. Thus, consistency conceals the limited space. 

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