You Will Be Sorry If You Missed The Lowrys Farm’s Farewell Sale

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If you haven’t heard of Lowrys Farm’s plan to exit from Singapore, it would be a pity if you miss out their clearance sale happening right now.

Lowrys Farm opened its first store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo in March 1992. The brand managed by Point Inc has since expanded to all other parts of Japan and other parts of Asia such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Singapore.

Based on the concept of casual and comfortable wear, the brand prides itself to carry quality and trendy apparels.

Quality usually come at a price. Most shoppers who reviewed in a local review website, TheSmartLocal, said that the clothes are trendy and of high quality, albeit a higher price tag. That is no surprise considering how Japanese worker uses artisanal skill to produce denims and other apparels in their production line, spotting every  misaligned eyelets and stitches.

Unfortunately, the strategy didn’t quite worked out in Singapore as the fashion industry is very competitive with brands such as Uniqlo, H&M and Forever21 dominating the market offering cheaper alternatives.

Nonetheless, if you want to own a piece from Lowrys Farm (either for memory sake or simply a purchase for the upcoming Chinese New Year), it’s the best time to do so as they prepare to clear stocks.

Here are a few tips on how you can make use of their Farewell Sale to slash their usually high premium price to make your purchase.

Lowry Farms


1. Get 50% off when you purchase 5 or more items

Usually shoppers are attracted by banners with words such as ‘Sale’ and ‘X% off’. They were usually blown up big to catch your attention but there are two words ‘Up to’ that are strangely downsized to protect retailers from misrepresentation. And most of the time, you walk out of the store with disappointment as the favourite pieces are not included in the sales item.

But look, now you can get 50% off EVERYTHING when your purchase 5 or more items. This has to better than another store that offers ‘Up to 75% Off’ on a few limited items.

This shoe originally retails for $129.90, but after 50% discount, it costs you just $64.95.

Lowry Farms Shoe

2. Make up 5 items with lesser priced items

Found something you like but don’t have the budget for 4 more items? Then make use of this trick to qualify for the 50% off. Look for cheaper items such as ear rings, socks and belts to make up the shortfall.

Take this pair of ear rings for example:

It is priced at $7.90.

Lowry Ear Rings

If you purchase 4 of this, it will cost you $15.80 and you can essentially buy another big ticket item such as this leather jacket that costs $129.90. Oh wait, $64.95.

Lowry Farm Jacket


Or a bag at $44.95. (R.P $89.90)

Lowrys Farm Bag


If you are going to need this fluffy item in a winter country, after discounts it cost $79.95.

Imagine a family of 5 who purchase 5 of these which amounts to a saving of $400.

Lowrys Farm Coat


3. Shop with friends or family members

(Image credit:

(Image credit:

If you want to be exceptionally frugal and don’t even want to spend $15.80 on 4 other items, there is no better reason to preach this clearance sale to your family members or friends with Chinese New Year around the corner.

Bring your siblings, or a couple, or three friends to raid the store. Good things must be shared right?

4. Organise a trip in a community

Lowrys Farm Community

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No one in your family is interested? Then organise a trip with a few others in your community. You don’t need me to teach you how to use popular forums such as Hardwarezone, SGForums and Cozycot right? If you don’t use any of those, you ought to have a active Facebook’s account.

5. Just walk into the shop and roped in other buyers

Lowrys Farm Shop

Don’t worry if you are an independent warrior, just walk into the store and look for what you want to purchase AND look for other shoppers with items in their hand. Ask if they want to combine purchase and i don’t see why would anyone rejects you when it is a win-win when both of you are enjoying the discounts.

If you own a credit card that offers rebates, then that’s even better. You offer to pay for the items with your card and get other shoppers to pay you in cash.

When will this last?

It will last all the way until the last day they withdraw from Singapore or while stocks last. We have no definite date yet but as a ballpark, we were told by the salesperson that it will be some time before Chinese New Year.

So happy shopping.

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