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Shop Online And Save Money With BuyandShip!

With Chinese New Year just a month away, lots of us will be itching to get on our hands on new clothes to look extra good. From dresses and shirts to shoes, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you do an online search.

Most e-commerce merchants today do offer free international shipping, but you often have to hit a minimum amount spent, or pay a high shipping fee. They also cost in the weight of all the packaging – boxes, bubble wraps and styrofoam balls shavings included.

Enter BuyandShip! BuyandShip is a forwarding services company with established presence all across Asia, predominantly Hong Kong (their main outlet), Japan, Macau and Taiwan.

Here’s how BuyandShip helps to reduce the prices of your shipping – unlike others, BuyandShip consolidates all your packages into one before shipping them out. This way, you have the option to store your packages in the Hong Kong warehouse for up to 14 days (that gives you more time to do your shopping!).

Frequent online shoppers will be familiar with the feeling of opening your package, and realizing that you had actually paid more for the extra weight of the bubble packs, stuffing and boxes.

BuyandShip ensures that you will not be charged for the excess weight of the packaging! For instance, if you purchase a small item like a tube of lipstick, and it is delivered in a large box with tons of bubble pack and stuffings, BuyandShip ensures that you will only need to pay for the weight of the items you bought, and not its packaging. If necessary, they will even repackage the items and remove unnecessary packaging for you.

Also, BuyandShip charges you for the actual weight of your packages, not based on volume. If you were to have 3 packages shipping from USA to Singapore, each weighing 1.3lbs, you’ll only be charged 4lbs (rounded up weight from 3.9lbs) as compared to other companies who will charge you 6lbs (each 1.3lbs package will be rounded up to 2lbs instead). That saves you a good 2lbs worth of shipping fee!

It’s incredibly simple to use. Just register as a BuyandShip member and start your shopping spree. Declare your parcels for international shipping and you will soon be receiving it straight at your doorstep!

If you’re worried about losing your packages, fret not. You can easily track and trace the movement of all your packages with a click of a button. Also, with 5 daily checkout times for each of their warehouses worldwide, never worry about delays in shipments again.

What are you waiting for? You can now go on a Chinese New Year shopping spree without having to worry about shipping fees. Start your wardrobe makeover early this 2018 with BuyandShip and register now at!

Stand to get greater discounts when you use the promo code MONEYDIGEST2018 upon checkout. Hurry and start today!

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